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There's A Top Knot Instagram And It's Bomb AF

Addicted to beauty videos? You're gonna want to get in on this.

If you're reading this, there's probably a good chance you're obsessed with all things beauty, makeup, hair, and style.

Comedy Central

We've created a Top Knot Instagram give you even more of the pretty stuff you love...

Instagram: @

... and there is glitter EVERYWHERE!

Logo TV

I don't think you're ready for this jelly (highlighter).

Need tips that will help you keep your makeup in check? We got you.

Instagram: @buzzfeedtopknot


Instagram: @buzzfeedtopknot

Learn how your favorite beauty goodies get made!

Instagram: @buzzfeedtopknot

And even more jelly.

Instagram: @buzzfeedtopknot

Watch us test out your favorite products!

Instagram: @buzzfeedtopknot

And see magic happen before your eyes.

Instagram: @buzzfeedtopknot

Want to stay on top of all the trend and the hottest new treatments?

Learn some hacks that you didn't even know you needed.

Instagram: @buzzfeedtopknot

And yes, even more GLITTAHHH!

Instagram: @buzzfeedtopknot

It's time to bless your IG feed with Top Knot, darling.

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