17 Cheat Sheets That Will Actually Help You Sleep Better

Sleep > everything, basically

1. For all those times you need to turn your brain off before bed:

Sleep Matters Club / Via

Because "Just relax!" isn't as helpful as a bunch of actual tips for how to do that. And btw, here are some more infographics that might help you make de-stressing a practice.

2. When it might actually be your caffeine intake that's wrecking your sleep:

Sleepy People / Via

Caffeine is obviously delightful and can actually make for a super refreshing nap if you time it right. But if you drink a lot of it or drink it all day and into the evening or if you don't time your sleep that well, you won't be getting restful sleep, which sucks.


3. When insomnia is a life-ruiner and you need some strategies for preventing it: / Via

If you're a next-level insomniac, you probably need some next-level strategies for dealing.

4. For when that sore neck or tweaked back needs some extra TLC:

She Knows / Via

Lying in bed is supposed to make your body feel comfy. Become a master of optimal sleep positions.

5. When the problem isn't sleeping so much as it is waking up in the morning:

Mary Angela Designs / Via

Here are some products that might make being a morning person something you can live with, and when you're ready to level up, here are some hacks and strategies to help you become a morning exerciser, and


6. When you need an exact step-by-step routine to try out:

Fix / Via

Try following this routine for see if it helps (you can adjust the time based on your actual bedtime).

7. Or when you're willing to try changing just one thing about your pre-bed routine for a week:

PopSugar / Via

8. When you want to know what's happening to your brain and body during a night of sleep:

Fix / Via

Just in case you want to understand why waking up at certain times makes you even more groggy and disoriented than you did when you went to sleep, while other times you wake up feeling like a g.d. superhero.

Have some fun learning more about sleep with this quiz.


9. When you need a few gentle yoga moves to help you feel loose and relaxed:

Neila Rey / Via

Whether you've had a super active day or a super sedentary one, give your body some love by getting it ready for bed with these gentle, calming moves.

10. When you need to be reminded why and how getting enough sleep is really good for your health and fitness:

Stupid Simple Fitness / Via

Being sleep-deprived feels terrible but it's actually also not great for your health and fitness. Learn more it here.

11. When you want to help someone or, ahem, yourself, stop snoring.

Positive Health Wellness / Via

No shame in snoring but it can interrupt sleep (yours, your partner's, a housemate if you really project).


12. And when you need a quick checklist to try to determine whether the snoring is sleep apnea, which is a bigger deal:

Dr. Axe / Via

Sleep apnea is when you stop breathing for at least 10 seconds more than five times an hour during sleep. If left untreated it can have long-term health effects (like high blood pressure, stroke, and weight gain), which is why it's important to know if you're experiencing it.

Learn more about it here.

13. When you need an all-in-one guide for diagnosing and fixing various sleep problems:

Skye Gould / Business Insider / Via

Basically you sometimes just need Cliffs Notes to a full night of good sleep.


14. For understanding how your menstrual cycle might affect your sleep:

National Sleep Foundation / Via

Turns out you're not the only one who can't stay asleep the night before your period.

15. When you know your bedroom could be a little more optimized for sleep:

Fix / Via

Sometimes a couple quick changes can make your bedroom feel way more sleep-ready.

16. And for when you're ready to change literally anything necessary to make your bedroom into a cozy sleep palace:

Sleep Matters Club / Via

And if that didn't satisfy you, here are a bunch of other things that can make your space even cozier.


17. For when you want to mimic the habits of highly successful people/sleepers:

Sleepy People / Via

Learn the secrets to their success, mimic, repeat, take over the world.

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