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17 Tweets That Are Too Fuckin' Real For Anyone With Facebook And Twitter

"It's a job you need, Lauren, not another boyfriend" — a mom on Facebook

1. When you have to laugh at how stupid some people can be:

2. When Twitter turns from cute to crazy:

3. When you realize some of your Facebook friends are unique people...

4. ...with something unique to offer:


5. When your personas on Facebook and Twitter are drastically different:

6. Drastically.

7. When your mom overshares on Facebook:

8. Or when your dad overshares on Twitter:


9. When your mom drags your ex because they're friends:

10. Or when she drags your cousin:

11. When you get unfriended by family members and it's awk AF:

12. Or when someone who seems nice on Facebook turns savage:


13. When you get called out Twitter:

14. Or royally fuck up:

15. When Twitter starts to feel like a class:

16. Or when you get added to a weird (or dangerous, in this case) Twitter group:

17. And finally, when you realize you're addicted:

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