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18 Siblings Who Are Assholes, But, Like, Really Funny Assholes

Savage sibs.

1. This brother, who got everyone in his family mugs with his brother's mugshot on them:

2. This brother, who said this on New Year's Eve:

3. And this sister, who is tired of her sister's room smelling:

Twitter: @mirrynbarney

4. This brother, who changed his sister's contacts to Vines:


5. And this brother who replaced family pics with Steve Buscemi:

6. This sister, who thinks her sister is a joke:

7. This sibling, who's too savage:

Twitter: @Brookie_C00kie

8. This sister, who's sick of her sister's shit:

Twitter: @mermaidfarts97


9. And this brother, who's sick of peeing in toilets:

Twitter: @phoebebartlett_

10. This brother, who took spying to a whole new level:

11. This brother, who made a geofilter on Snapchat just to tell his sister to turn the TV down:

12. This sister, who wrote a savage, misspelled note:


13. This blackmailing brother:

Twitter: @madysonwakeland

14. And this prankster brother:

Twitter: @annelinstephens

15. This sister, who made her brother cheat on his diet just because she did:

16. This sister, who is sick of her food being stolen:

Twitter: @keyboardtyler

17. And last but not least, this brutal sister:

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