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Here's Why I Could Never Be A Server

TIP: ______ *customer writes: "me over and pour me out"*

1. You work your ass off for a crappy paycheck.

Twitter: @sayuuumm

2. There are plenty of crappy tippers out there:

@_serverbabe / Instagram: @_serverbabe

3. Or people who don't tip at all.

@bmerrick89 /

4. And those tips — servers don't get to keep them all.

Twitter: @Darbyrages

5. They get blamed when the chef messes up:

6. It's stressful AF.

7. The side work is pretty mundane:

8. But servers' working environment is pretty hostile sometimes:

@iampixiedustandwaterfalls /

9. There are some nasty customers:

10. And inconsiderate customers:

Twitter: @almosttiffany

11. The customers can be pretty creepy too:

Twitter: @MerissaLongg

12. And leave a mess:

Twitter: @chebbles193x

13. And OMG, I wouldn't be able to take those "Can we all have separate checks?" customers.

14. You have to work long hours.

@kingofearth102 / twitter

15. ...which really does a number on your feet.

16. And forget having holidays off.

Twitter: @JesssCohen

17. Or snow days.

Twitter: @brad_weidman

18. You leave smelling like the food you served all day.

Twitter: @N_Posey

19. It's just honestly really hard work:

Twitter: @_GedH

So can we just take a second to thank the rock stars that are servers?

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