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This Naked Hedgehog Is Missing All His Spines And People Have A Ton Of Feelings

"Poor little Nelson the hedgehog is completely bald."

Nelson, the naked hedgehog, lives at Foxy Lodge Wildlife Rescue in the UK.

Mustard TV / Via
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Nelson shares the home with other special animals like a blind fox and kittens, the Eastern Daily Press reported. / Via Mustard TV

Since he is naked, each day "a volunteer has to give him a massage with lotion to help combat his dry skin," the newspaper reported.

Nelson became an internet sensation this week after his photos were posted online. His unique look made some people think of...something else. "Sorry but this baby hedgehog minus his prickles does remind me of something rude!" one person tweeted.

Daily Mail UK

Others related to the guy. "...I need to be its friend SO much," someone said.

Daily Mail UK / Via

"I would give that naked hedgehog the best home," another agreed. "I love him."

Others just felt bad for the creature. "Poor little Nelson the hedgehog is completely bald," someone lamented.

Basically, there are only two types of responses to this nudist: "YES."


"How is it that I love the featherless parrot but am totally freaked out by the naked hedgehog?"

Where do you stand?

Mustard TV / Via
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