17 Diagrams That Will Make You Better At Eating Meat

Get ready to be a meat genius.

1. For your next boozy BBQ:

If you serve potato salad, you can also have EVERY WINE.

2. For when you can't be bothered to find a thermometer:

Chris Ritter /

3. For figuring out what all that labeling really means:


4. For breaking down your own cow:

5. For figuring out which meat fits your diet:

Tantika Tivorat /

6. For grill prepping like a pro:

BuzzFeed Life /

Get more marinating tips over here.


7. For figuring out what to do with the random cut of beef that happened to be on sale:

Cattlemen’s Beef Board and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association / Via

8. For supplying fun facts at your next cookout: /

9. For getting ready to rock Thanksgiving:

Jenny Chang /

Bookmark this for next November!


10. And for taking your beautifully thawed turkey to the next level:

Uncle Joey will be VERY impressed.

11. For getting exactly the steak you want and the steak you need:

Lark & Larks / Via

Once you've got it, learn how to cook it perfectly.

12. For HAM TIME:

Martha Stewart Living / Via

i.e. all the time.


13. For knowing when to get suspicious:

University of Illinois Extension / Via

As long as it's not green, right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

14. For your next classy cocktail hour:

Les Trois Petits Cochons /

15. For getting started with a smoker:

Kelly & Cate /


16. And for taking it to the next level: / Via

17. For finding the sweet spot on the grill:

Spencer Matern /

A magical place where everything cooks all the way through and nothing burns.

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