17 Clever Halloween Costumes For Anyone With A Prime Account And A Dream

They're DIY-ish.

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If you need a simple and fun Halloween costume, you've come to the right place! These costumes are all what I consider DIY-ish — it's all about buying Prime-eligible stuff online (hell yeah, free two-day shipping!) and assembling it in clever ways.

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One thing to note: Amazon's supply chain is a tricky beast; I ordered everything I needed to make these costumes the last week of September and crossed my fingers that the items would still be in stock when I was ready to post. The good news is that pretty much everything is still in stock as I write this — but not necessarily in all sizes/colors, and in a few instances, some of the sizes/colors no longer have Prime shipping. That said, I didn't use anything that was so mission-critical/special that you couldn't just swap it for something else on Amazon.

Cool? Cool. Let's get to the costumes!


1. La Croix (click to enlarge)

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

Pink and blue tie-dye dress (for ~pamplemousse~): $11.99

Blue and purple tie-dye dress (berry): $11.99

Royal blue fabric paint*: $5.97

Cute accessory I wish I'd thought of sooner: a lemon wedge purse ($15.99)

PS: If you want to make this costume with a T-shirt, you can grab one for $8.99 (several colors, sizes S–2X).

*A note about the costumes with text on them — I did all of the lettering on a Cricut, which is a fancy machine that allows a person to cut super, super precise lettering and shapes out of tons of different materials, including iron-on vinyl. I put the effort (and expense) into the lettering because it is *literally my job* to make these costumes look pretty close to perfect. If you don't have a Cricut, you can do the text/shapes with iron-on letters or fabric paint. (On the other hand, if you DO have a Cricut and want to use any of my files for your costume, email me!)

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2. Raining Cats and Dogs

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

Rain poncho: $18.86 (one size; available in 11 colors)

Clear umbrella: $26

To make, print out photos of cats and dogs and attach them to the umbrella with clear string ($5.39) or — and this would be easier both to make and to carry around all night — just glue them directly on the umbrella.

3. Zodiac Signs

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

This works well as a group costume, or you can go it alone! I also love that you can accessorize the shit out of it, and really go wild with glitter/makeup/colorful hair.

Blue dress: $16.99 (sizes 2–14)

Purple dress: $15.99 (sizes 2–14)

White iron-on letters: $3.69

White fabric paint (to create simple zodiac symbols): $5.16

Alternatively, you could make this costume with a galaxy T-shirt ($12.99, unisex S–L) OR some amazing space leggings ($10.99, sizes S–2X) and a black tee ($7.94, sizes S–3X).

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4. Holidays

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

This is my favorite group costume idea of all time, for a few reasons: 1) The number of holidays is pretty limitless, so you can include a ton of people in it; 2) you can easily make it more casual and/or less ~normatively feminine~ (you could swap the sequined dresses for T-shirts, sweatshirts, this dress, etc.); 3) you can accessorize each costume with cheap store-bought stuff, or just go digging through your craft supplies/old holiday decor to find silly things to add on; and 4) it's the perfect opportunity to make ridiculously fancy hats/fascinators, which is basically the only thing I care about on Halloween.

Valentine's Day dress: $27.99+ (sizes S–2X)

Valentine's Day fascinator: $14.99 (I added a fake rose and a faux-fur fluff, but it totally works as is; it would also be cute to add a stuffed bear or a huge Hershey Kiss)

4th of July dress: $24.99 (one size, runs short; if you want a longer version, I can vouch for this $19.99+ one)

Thing I wish I'd added to this one: grill tools and/or fake cookout food

4th of July fascinator: $9.95 (for a pack of two)

Thanksgiving dress: $17.99+ (runs short; is low in stock — but you can get an orange one-size version for $24.99 or this nice burgundy option that comes in sizes XS–XL for $25.99)

Thanksgiving turkey hat: $6.99

Black Friday dress: $32.99 (sizes S–XL)

Black Friday hat: $8.59 (with teeny shopping bags — $5.95 — glued on)

Christmas dress: $24.99 (one size, runs short)

Christmas bulbs (around bottom of dress, actually light up!!!): $7.99

Christmas fascinator: $9.39

New Year's Eve romper: $28.99 (Note: This is AMAZING IRL — high-quality, not itchy, beautiful sequins...everyone was obsessed with it, and I actually bought one in navy for myself to wear to the BF holiday party.)

New Year's Eve fascinator: $12.39 (with a printout of a clock about to strike midnight and a bunch of other sparkly stuff glued on)


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5. Guy Fier-ies

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

Wig: $8.97 each

Sunglasses: $9.99 each

Orange tutu: $11.99 (one size, 40 colors)

Wings: $21.99 (nine colors)

Flame socks: $15.99 per pair (seven colors)

Hawaiian shirts (optional): thrifted



6. Cat burglar

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

Cat ears: $9.95 (the set includes a bow tie and a tail)

Robber mask: $5.89

Striped dress: $14.99 (sizes S–2X)

Money bag: $6.99

Black gloves (which I totally forgot to order): $9.99

7. Devil with a blue dress on

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

Blue dress: $17.99 (available in sizes S–5X)

Devil horns: $10.95 (includes bow tie and tail)

Pitchfork: $7.95

8. Cards Against Humanity

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

Black dress: $17.99 (available in sizes S–5X)

White iron-on letters $5.49

White dress: $17.99 (available in sizes S–5X)

Black iron-on letters: $5.19

You could also make these costumes with T-shirts (women's: $8.95+, sizes S–3X; men's: $13.42 for a pack of four crew-neck T-shirts, sizes S–4X) or sweatshirts (black: $8+, sizes S–5XL; white: $8.99+, sizes S–3X).

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9. Cat fight

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

Cat ears: $9.95

Boxing gloves: $23.99 (comes with two pairs — get a single pair for $12.95)

Iron-on letters: $4.69

White T-shirt: $6.38+ (sizes XS–3X)

Shorts: $11.99+ (Sizes XS–3X, seven colors)


10. Shark Week

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

Shark hats: $12.59 each

Gray dresses: $17.99 each (sizes S–5X)

White iron-on letters: $4.69

Red fabric paint: $5.20

Gray sweatshirt: $6.97 (sizes S–XL)

Gray sweatpants: $9.50 (sizes S–XL)

And if dresses aren't your thing, you could do a gray T-shirt ($11.99 for a women's V-neck tee or $13.41 for a pack of four men's crew-neck tees) with gray leggings ($9.99+, sizes S–3X) or gray shorts ($9.89 for women's, sizes S–3X; $11.99 for men's, sizes S–2X Big).

11. Fantasy Football

Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed

Wizard hat: $5.75

Jersey: $11.69+ (sizes S–2X, 18 colors)

Foam finger: $8.40

Wand: $4.99


12. Sick cat

Sarah Kobos / BuzzFeed

Cat ears: $8.95

Cone of shame: $14.59

Tail: $14.95

13. The cat's pajamas

Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed

Cat ears: $8.95

Tail: $14.95

Pajamas: $15.99+ (sizes S–2X, three colors). I also love these cozy plaid ones for $27.99+ (sizes XS–2X; 15 colors), which you could totally keep wearing after Halloween (they have great reviews).

14. The Founding Dads

Lauren Zaser

Brown colonial wig: $18.34

Gray colonial wig: $14.71

Ben Franklin wig: $24.99

Tri-corner hat + wig and glasses: $23.76

Clothing: your dad's/your own closet


15. Kristy from The Baby-Sitters Club

Sarah Kobos / BuzzFeed

Madame President!

Sweatshirt: $8

Turtleneck: $13.99

White iron-on letters: $6.62

Baseball cap: $6.95

16. Miss Behavior and Miss Demeanor

Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed

Tiaras: $8.99 and $9.95

Sashes: $8.99 (for a pack of two)

Iron-on letters: $4.69

Dresses: Use an old bridesmaid dress or grab something from a thrift store

17. And finally, BuzzFeed Badges

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

Red dress: $17.99 (sizes S–5X)

Yellow dress: $11.99 (sizes S–5X)


Go make cool shit, y'all!


PS: If you do make any of these costumes, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see the photos and/or potentially share them in a future BuzzFeed post!

You can email me at rachel dot miller @ buzzfeed dot com. 👻

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