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What's The Most Useful Home Decorating Tip You've Ever Heard?

Have you actually tried it?

Do you have a home decorating tip or rule that you swear by?

Like the classic "hang curtains high and wide"? From Home Goods.

Maybe you do something just because it looks good, like style in odd-numbered groups: like two pillows and a throw.

Or, maybe you make a point to consider what a decorative mirror will reflect before you choose a spot to hang it.

verylastcentury /

You might have discovered the secret for perfectly fluffed throw pillows every time: hold them high, then throw them down so their bottom seam hits the floor.

paris8designs /


Or you might follow a personal rule of no more than two bold colors and two accent colors in a room — or you might hate that, and have a tip for incorporating a dozen colors into a single space.


Do you have five specific steps you follow any time you want to decorate a mantel, a shelf, or a side table? /

From CBC.

Or, maybe you picked up a tip from a long-gone HGTV show, like making sure that every room a has a stunning focal point right when you walked in?


Or something else entirely???


Share your tip below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post! Better yet — upload a photo (via the drop box below) of a room, shelf, or other space in your house that shows the tip ~in action~!


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