24 Useful Ways To Actually Organize Your RV/Camper

Little tricks for life on the road!

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1. Repurpose over-the-door hooks to get your shoes off your floor and hung up around your bed.

Instagram: @gypsynaround

From Gypsyn Around.

Get a similar set of over-door hooks from Amazon for $14.97.

2. Or stash basically anything you want in an under-bed pocket organizer.

You can keep shoes there, water, extra clothes, really whatever you need. And it comes in two halves, in case you'd rather have it just at the foot of your bed, or on one side. Get it on Amazon for $15.99.

3. Stick a removable-adhesive shelf wherever you need a little extra catchall, like by your chargers, in your bathroom, or next to the sofa.

Instagram: @simplexing_life

From Simplexing Life.

Get the shelf/caddy on Amazon for $8.99.

4. Never lose your TV remote again — and keep it from sliding around while you're driving — with Command's picture hanging strips.

You could also use regular hook-and-loop tape, but these won't leave residue on or damage your walls. From Laura's Crafty Life.

Get four sets of strips on Amazon for $3.44.


5. Stack your dishes vertically in a plate cradle so they don't slide around and it's always easy to grab what you need.,

Get them on Amazon for $9.99 each.

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6. Hang your cooking utensils out of sight but within arm's reach: just inside your cabinets on (you guessed it) wire Command Hooks.

From The Popup Princess.

Get a pack of 16 hooks and strips on Amazon for $9.99.

7. Or use s-hooks on a rail to make a hanging utensil rack right above your sink.

Instagram: @atablefullinthewoods

From A Table Full in the Woods.

Get a 24-inch mountable rail system with 10 starter s-hooks on Amazon for $20.99.

8. Hide your trash away without taking up all your cabinet space by using an over-door basket.

Get it from Amazon for $16.89.

9. Keep the toilet brush within reach but out of sight by tucking it behind the toilet, hung on one of those small wire Command Hooks.

From Life Where We Park It.

You can get the 16-pack of wire hooks on Amazon for $9.99.


10. Install an extra towel rod over the bathroom counter to hold all the bottles you regularly use.

And if you get in the habit of keeping them there, they'll already be secured when it's time to drive. From My Five F's.

Get a similar bronze towel rod on Amazon for $22.95.

11. Downsize your medicine cabinet into uniformly-sized clear plastic jars, and tape on the labels so you know what's what.

Instagram: @jleigh_04

Because even a little saved space is valuable in an RV/camper!

Get six similar-size clear jars on Amazon for $11.68.

12. Fit more clothes in your closet by hanging a multi-shelf organizer that takes advantage of almost every square inch of space.

This works best if you're fine with folded clothes and don't have dresses to hang, of course. From Twin Dragonfly Designs.

Get a similar organizer on Amazon for $12.87+ (two colors available, with options for five or six shelves).


13. Or try a stack of plastic drawers that might leave you with a few inches of hanging space on the inside for a couple nice things you really don't want to iron.

From Roaming Free.

Get a set of six similar drawers from Walmart for $29.88.

14. Attach an expandable clothes rack to an out-of-the-way corner of your bedroom so you can hang things temporarily.

Get one on Amazon for $15.96.

15. Never dig through your high cabinets to reach something in the back — instead, store it all in plastic baskets with handles that make them easy to pull down.

From Go RVing: The Scenic Route.

Get similar baskets from The Container Store for $4.99 each (or the smaller size for $3.99 each), or just the small ones on Amazon for $5.84 each.


16. Magically create extra counter space with cutting boards that snugly fit over your stove and sink.,

Get the wood over-stove cutting board for $29.35, and the plastic in-sink cutting board for $27.40, both from Amazon.

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17. Use a simple tension rod to keep cans and other food securely on their designated refrigerator shelves.

Instagram: @brandiholmes_

From Mixtape Drifters. Get a tension rod narrow enough to fit in your fridge (24-36 inches) on Amazon for $15.73 (four colors available).

18. Downsize the containers you use to keep your pantry ingredients — instead of a whole bag of flour, keep only a few cups in a smaller airtight container.

From Hudson and Emily.

Get similar containers on Amazon for $12.95 each.

19. Re-label weekly medicine organizers with different spice names, and fill each compartment with a little of each spice.

From Miss Tweedle.

Get a similar organizer on Amazon for $5.59.

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20. Or store more spices in magnetic jars that attach directly to your oven or vent hood.

Get a set of 12 jars, including labels, on Amazon for $22.75.

21. One more idea: if you have a built-in spice rack in your kitchen, use self-adhesive Velcro to keep the jars in place.

From Roaming Free. Get a 15-foot roll of self-adhesive Velcro from Amazon for $11.63


22. Hang a modified shoe organizer on the back of your front door for essentials like flashlights, bug spray, and walkies — or, y'know, your shoes.

From The Pop-Up Princess.

Get one with 24-pockets from Amazon for $8.47, then cut it to fit the height of your door.

23. Firm-hold suction cup hooks on the outside of your RV will keep everyone's towel off the ground between morning pool swims and afternoon river adventures.

Instagram: @organizingmadefun

From Organizing Made Fun.

Get four similar suction cup hooks from Amazon for $10.99.

24. Use two broom organizers side by side to organize all of your adapter cords so you can quickly find the one you need.

From Love your RV.

Get a simple brook organizer from Amazon for $11.99.

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