19 Funny Parents Who Made 2018 Almost Bearable

It's almost like having kids makes you ten times funnier.

1. The mom who spent the year trolling her model brother by recreating his thirst photos with her toddler.

babyandthebody / Via

2. The dad behind the Got Toddlered Instagram account who continued to share epic "before and after kids" photos.

Instagram: @gottoddlered

3. The mom and dad who put together this The Office-themed pregnancy announcement complete with an "I DECLARE PREGNANCY!" T-shirt.

Sarah Elaine / Via Facebook: sarahelainephotos

4. This mom who expertly dressed up like her daughter for Halloween.

Twitter: @BBeam_o


5. And the dad who called out the insanity of being a parent at Halloween.

6. The mom who shared one of those cringingly funny "facepalm" moments we've all had with our kids.


7. And the mom who said out loud what the rest of us wouldn't.

8. The parents who celebrated their youngest kid leaving for college with this "empty nest" photo shoot.


9. The dad (and big fan of The Hangover, I guess) who made the most out of his trip to Vegas.

Twitter: @MaddieMMoore

10. And the dad who shared this way too relatable "dress your kid" in white fail.


11. The mom who — after drinking for the first time after nine months of pregnancy — discovered a newfound super power.

12. The dad who, every time his daughter texted the family a photo from her honeymoon...

Twitter: @kjfritz13


...responded with his own "dad" version.

Twitter: @kjfritz13

13. The dad who was hilariously concerned about the stresses of pre-K life.

Twitter: @TheLateSh0w

14. The mom who dressed her daughter up to look almost EXACTLY like Mamá Coco.


15. The mom who drew a series of painfully real (and funny) cartoons about the "joys" of kids and summer.

Hedger/Suzanne Kearns, Writer / Via Facebook: susannemkerns

16. And the mom who perfectly summed up the "joys" of back-to-school time.


17. The dad who only needed three seconds to explain what it's like to be a young parent.

18. The mom who made this hilarious comparison.

Instagram: @mylifesuckers

19. And the mom and dad who were the hilarious definition of "parent tired."

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