15 Pumpkins That Were Clearly Carved By Hilariously Weird People

These people probably shouldn't be allowed to hold knives, tbh.

1. This pumpkin with their dentures in a glass:

ludachrissy__ / Via

2. This cat butt that's...just wrong:

brettbauerfittv / Via

3. This dog that's REALLY wrong:

kelleno / Via


4. And this pumpkin, which, all I can say is "Go with God":

urbanarttrader / Via

5. This pumpkin that's like looking in a mirror:

the.insta.angi / Via

6. This hilariously itty-bitty, tiny-faced pumpkin:

gbjoiner / Via


7. And this depiction of the food chain: / Via

8. This very scary pumpkin:

haasgrzegorz / Via

9. This scary one that'll make you go, "Oh snap":

abby.bartels / Via


10. And this really, REALLY scary pumpkin:

Twitter: @standardregular

11. This wonderfully random Lionel Richie pumpkin:

sarastakeley / Via

12. This pumpkin with braces:

karinmm1 / Via


13. This pumpkin of a meme-tastic Nicolas Cage:

krolsoul / Via

14. This — LOLOLOL —Pumpkinchu:

dr.bwangbwang / Via

15. And this pumpkin from a smartass who is passing the buck this year:

danieldeyette / Via
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