21 Low-Key Brilliant Camping Hacks To Try Out

Here's how to make your next trip even better.

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1. Cook eggs and bacon in a paper bag.

It's all about the positioning of the bag. Get the instructions here.

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2. Bring a jug of camping sangria to day drink while you lounge.

And TBH, most combinations of wine + liquor or juice + fruit will be just as tasty. Recipe here.

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3. When you're ready to pack up your shoes, just enclose them in a cheap shower cap to keep all the dirt in.

Also good for if you want to store your shoes inside your tent to keep them dry, but don't want to bring the dirt in, too. More info here.

4. Crack eggs into a bottle for easy storage and transportation.

One 16 oz water bottle can hold up to 9 eggs. Get more info here.


5. Prevent blow-away bags of trash by slipping one on a foldable laundry basket.

Just make sure to tie up and dispose of your trash bag in the designated area at your camp site. More info here.

6. Make S'Moreos.

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Step 1. Deconstruct Oreo.

Step 2. Insert gooey marshmallow and square of Hershey's chocolate.

Step 3. Reconstruct Oreo.


7. Place your iPhone in a cup to instantly boost its volume (and have an impromptu tent party!)

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You can also try it with larger kitchen items, like deep metal pots.


8. Learn all the ways to make a great campfire that lasts.

Campfire stories, drinking games, and breakfast burger biscuits await. More info here.

9. Toss an old rug on the floor to smooth out bumps on the floor and make it a cozier space.

It'll be just like home, except instead of your boring suburban town, you'll wake up to full trees, chirping birds, and brisk air. More info here.

10. Make fire bombs to use as kindling for long bonfire nights.

All you need is an empty TP tube, dryer lint, and newspaper. See the instructions here.


11. Let the kids in your group enjoy the outdoors with this camping scavenger hunt.

They'll explore the area surrounding your campground while on the lookout for things like wild berries, pine cones, and coins. You can find a free copy of the activity here.

12. Fasten a cork to your keys so that if you lose 'em in a lake or a bowl of punch, they'll float to the top.

You can watch the full tutorial here.

13. Use an old ketchup bottle to dispense pre-made pancake mix.

You'll save yourself a mess and your pancakes will come out perfectly round. See the tutorial here.


14. Pack some multi-use zip ties, which you can use to tie down tarps, pack things tightly, or as impromptu locks.

Whether you're trying to secure a tarp to your tent, or locking your bear-proof bin, a pack of cheap zip ties will get the job done. More info here.

15. Use hollowed-out oranges to bake mini muffins or cupcakes.

All you need is cake mix, oil, and eggs. Find the recipe for baked orange cakes here.

16. Whip up some easy foil-wrapped meals, like this beef, potato, and carrot bundle.

The best part is, you can prep these before your trip and have them ready to be cooked as soon as you're done setting up your tent. Recipe here.

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17. You can even make foil-wrapped desserts, like this chocolate marshmallow banana boat.

Because what's a camping trip if you don't get your fingers sticky with marshmallow and chocolate goo at some point? Recipe here. And find more foil-wrapped recipes here.

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18. Bring a bottle of Dr. Bronner's multi-purpose soap to wash your hands, clothes, and literally anything else that needs cleaning.

And don't bring the whole bottle because a single drop of this eco-friendly stuff goes a long way. More info here.


19. Use a beer can to make campfire popcorn.

Just cut out a beer can, pour a drizzle of oil and some popcorn kernels, and you'll have popcorn in just a few minutes. See the tutorial here.

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20. Use a mesh bag to air-dry your pots and utensils.

It'll be an easy way to store and keep track of all your kitchen supplies as well. More info here.

21. Throw in some glow sticks in your cooler at night so you don't accidentally grab a can of beer instead of soda.

They're waterproof, cheap, and will last you the entire night. They're also just fun to look at. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. More info here.

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