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Critics And Fans Are Losing Their Minds Over "Black Panther"

The reviews are in: Black Panther is incredible, at least according to the few people who've been chosen to see it.

The world premiere for Marvel's highly anticipated Black Panther was held on Monday night in Los Angeles, and the first reviews from the fans and critics are glowing.

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Disney, which owns Marvel and is known to tightly control its PR, allowed a few critics and celebs to join Black Panther's star-studded premiere.

Although initial responses to big Marvel movies tend to be heavily positive, the voices that weighed in on the upcoming film are veterans when it comes to discussing pop culture moments.

Fans can expect to see detailed reviews for the film on Feb. 6, when the embargo lifts, but those who saw it on Monday have been allowed to share their feelings on social media.

And so here's what people are saying about the Ryan Coogler–directed Black Panther.

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Tre'vell Anderson, a writer at the Los Angeles Times, called the film a "love letter about blackness, to a world that often ghettoizes it without realizing that it is on the black backs that this planet revolves."


Issa Rae, the cocreator of HBO's hit Insecure, said the movie was "beautiful in every way imaginable."

Peter Sciretta‏, editor of Slash Film, praised the film's "amazingly realized" fictional world, calling it a "visual feast."

Natasha Alford, deputy editor at the Grio, applauded what the film's representation of black superheroes will do for kids growing up today.

Jen Yamato, a film reporter for the LA Times, echoed what others said about diversity, too, calling the visual "a superhero movie about why representation and identity matters."

Side note: Disney actually barred LA Times reporters from seeing its films in advance last year, in retaliation for stories on the company's business dealings in Anaheim. After a massive public outcry, Disney relented and reversed the decision.


Marc Bernardin, former film editor at the LA Times and frequent guest on the podcast Fatman on Batman, called the experience "majestic."

Geeks of Color, a website dedicated to the fan-servicey needs of people of color who enjoy all facets of geekdom, said the film was "the best MCU movie ever."

Josh Gad (who starred in Disney's Beauty and the Beast and Frozen) said Black Panther would be a "cultural phenomenon," adding that it will "blow minds and take names."

The lofty praise continued, with Patrick Campbell, the host of Reel Film Chatter, writing, "Ryan Coogler has made something so firmly fresh and new within the confines of the Marvel universe."


Film critic ReBecca Theodore-Vachon tweeted, "Black Panther is everything I wanted and so much more."

Even Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, wrote a rare tweet, calling the film "beautiful" and cause for celebration.


Although we should note Glover is starring in Disney's upcoming Lion King remake.

You'll be able to check the movie out for yourself when it opens in theaters on Feb. 16.

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