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30 Black-Owned Businesses That'll Take Your Valentine's Day Gift To The Next Level

10/10 valentines would love something from these Black-owned shops. Get excited: there are truffles in this post.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

While BuzzFeed celebrates Black History Month, we also believe in celebrating the value and contributions of Black people year-round. Please enjoy our BHM-themed shopping lists from BuzzFeed Shopping, the Black entrepreneurs who create these products and services, and know that you can #BuyBlack well beyond this wonderful, dedicated month.

1. Adore Adorn offers stunning accessories intended to be heirlooms handed down for generations. Shop by collection to see the deep, personal connection every piece pulls from history, legacy, mysticism, and more.

Adore Adorn

This woman-owned business is based in NYC and was founded by designer Sasha Flynn, who pulls inspiration from her childhood; memories of her well-accessorized aunts, her own family heirlooms, and her family's jewelry store in Kansas City. With her unique take on design, Flynn provides customers with "original jewelry that tells a story."

Price range: $95–$2,150

Check out all of their products at Adore Adorn.

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2. Tal & Bert is "the meeting point of raw natural minerals and industrial concrete" with a must-have collection of decorative vessels that'll show your valentine how much concrete decor really ~rocks~.

Tal & Bert

This couple-owned business is based in Pittsburgh and seriously blooming! The young shop started in February 2020 as an in-home studio, which rapidly grew into a two-studio company with a brick and mortar store. And they made this all happen in 2020 people! So you KNOW this stuff is solid.

Price range: $28–$90

Check out all of their products at Tal & Bert.

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3. EcoVibe is a true one-stop-shop for all your home good hopes and dreams. Want apothecary goods? Furniture? Gift wrap? They've got it!


ECOVIBE is based in Portland, Oregon and founded by Leonard and Andrea Allen, who wanted to create a business that supports local designers, women, minority, and family-owned businesses with a focus on small makers and manufacturers. Not only do they provide a platform for others, they also donate 1% of all online sales to 1% For The Planet, which provides funds to non-profits who are taking on environmental issues.

Price range: $6–$1,800

Check out all of their products at EcoVibe.

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4. Nonily Studio has a wide selection of minimalist wall art prints you can download straight to your computer, truly saving the day if you didn't remember to get a Valentine's Day gift until the last minute.

Nonily Studio

This California-based small business is filled with fine line, abstract, landscape, portrait, and botanical art. TBH, I want it all. Check out @nonilystudio on Instagram to see how these sweet pieces are styled!

Price: $4.99 for all prints

Check out all of their products at Nonily Studio on Etsy.

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5. Trufflin sells products for your soul (i.e. stomach) with the highest quality ingredients. I'm not exaggerating, they have organic truffle oil, imperial osetra caviar, and a Sriracha so good it'll ruin all other foods for you. Happy Valentine's Day., Trufflin

Trufflin's founders, Cornelious Robinson and Liv Woudstra-Robinson have extensive backgrounds in the culinary world. After meeting in NYC, the couple decided to combine their shared culinary expertise (Robinson's career in the Atlanta food scene and Woudstra-Robinson's family history of truffle hunting in the South of France) to create products with the highest quality ingredients for snackers and gastronomers alike to enjoy.

Price range: $14.99–$285

Check out all of their products at Trufflin or on Amazon.

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6. Naturally London's products are all made with non-toxic and organic-certified ingredients. You can shop by foot condition (i.e. dirty, dry, stinky, sweaty, etc.) so you don't have to feel de-feet-ed by digging through a bunch of products to figure out what is best for your valentine.

Naturally London

This woman-owned small business was founded by certified aromatherapist Chrissy Cabrera who, because she hated the smell of tea tree oil and peppermint, created an extensive line of foot and body care products without those two scents. All products are handcrafted in Maryland.

Price range: $8–$73

Check out all of their products at Naturally London.

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7. Peace & Riot takes interior design up a notch thanks to their thoughtfully curated decor, housewares, yard goods, and other sure fire hit gifts. Today I learned my woven baskets are meant to be off the floor and on the wall...I'll never go back!

Peace & Riot

This is one of my favorite local NYC-shops! It was founded by Brooklyn-born interior designer Achuziam Maha-Sanchez and her husband Lionel Sanchez, who was born in the Bronx until finally making his way to the best borough (BK, baby!). Both take inspiration from their heritage to curate a shop filled with must-have homes goods.

Price range: $9.95–$119

Check out all of their products at Peace & Riot.

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8. Layze Girl Designs has some of the sweetest Valentine's Day cards out there, while also supplying customers with empowering and fun illustrations for the rest of the year.

Layze Girl Designs

This LA-based woman-owned small business is run by illustrator Chalay Chandler, who takes her summer-loving attitude and vastly diverse interests (improv comedy, background dancer, jewelry maker, surf lesson taker, hang glider...the list goes on!) to create cards that fit every person and every holiday that comes our way.

Price range: $4–$30.25

Check out all of their products at Layze Girl Designs on Etsy.

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9. Pretty Honest sells hand-poured soy candles *and* soothing reed diffusers. Whether your S.O. loves sweet scents or sneaker-themes, your choice from this shop will smell sensational.

Pretty Honest

This woman-owned business was founded by Andrea, who wanted a candle in her home that actually filled her home, rather than barely being smelled in one room. That desire and her hard work birthed Pretty Honest, which gives customers high quality products that are free of metal wicks and harsh chemicals.

Price range: $12–$42

Check out all of their products at Pretty Honest.

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10. The Wrap Life has a luxe selection of head wraps, bandies, turbanettes, and multi-use wraps. You can find satin lined options, some made with botanical fibers, stretchy ribbed selections, and so much more.

The Wrap Life, Wrap Life

Nnenna Stella, owner of The Wrap Life, started her company as a one-woman web-exclusive shop in Brooklyn, New York. Despite having celebrity customers like Issa Rae and Jessica Williams, Nnenna Stella's line continues to sell high quality wraps at an approachable price. Since she began in 2015, her shop has grown into a high fashion line (we're talking featured in Vogue Arabia, folks!) intended for the every day.

Price range: $16–$32

Check out all of their products at The Wrap Life.

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11. InBooze turns cocktails into a simple science with their teabag cocktail kits. Whether your lover likes tequila, vodka, whisky, your wine, InBooze has got you, boo.


This shop is based in Michigan where all of their packets are handmade, filled with dehydrated fruits, veggies, spices, and herbs. BTW, each is strong enough to infuse up to 10 cocktails. Drink up, valentines!

Price range: $2–$48

Check out all of their products at InBooze on Etsy.

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12. Hot N Saucy mixes up small batches of all-natural, colorful sauces you've gotta get your hands on. The shop even has swag, and once your tatse buds get some of this, you'll wanna wear that swag every dang day.

Hot N Saucy

This Black woman-owned business is based in my home, NYC! There are currently three sauces to chose from; Sweet Potato N Habanero (a high heat sauce great on chicken, shrimp, and fish), Beet N Fresno (sweet sauce with a medium spice level that's drool-worthy on chicken, tacos, and pork), and Garlic N Peperoncini (a mild option for people who wanna work up their hot sauce tolerance...just throw it on everything).

Price range: $10–$30

Check out all of their products at Hot N Saucy.

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13. Zach & Zoë is a family-run honey bee farm that uses all-natural processes when making their homemade honey, so you can give a sweet (and responsible!) gift that's truly the bee's knees.

Zach & Zoë

Zach & Zoë is a family-owned business based in Hunterdon County that cares for the bees AND produces the honey themselves.

Price range: $20–$24

Check out all of their products at Zach & Zoë or on Amazon.

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14. Goodee offers luxury, artisan-designed home decor in their diverse marketplace. It's filled to the brim with statement-making stuff! BRB, I'm gonna go ask that vase to be my valentine.


Goodee is a curated marketplace based in Montreal with goods from several different brands. Founders Byron and Dexter Peart select brands with a focus on transparent sourcing, upcycling, and ethical treatment of employees.

Price range: $5–$6,699

Check out all of their products at Goodee.

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15. Live By Being has everything your skincare-loving sweetheart could be looking for. From milk baths to balms and clays to sage — a gift from this shop is gonna soothe their soul in seconds.

Live By Being

This woman-owned company creates 100% natural, artisan crafted and cruelty free skincare. Founder Kennedy Lowery, born of French Creole and West African ancestry, says she attributes her appreciation for ritual and the healing arts to her Louisiana roots.

Price range: $8–$54

Check out all of their products at Live By Being.

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16. Yes I Am Inc. — an entire store filled with powerful, empowering wardrobe staples and home decor for folks who want their purchases to make a real statement.

Yes I Am Inc

Based in Brooklyn, Michelle Cadore started the Yes I Am brand in 2016 with a goal to create a line full of positivity and empowerment. Cadore's platform continues to grow and help consumers feel encouraged to realize their dreams. As a member of the Small Business Advisory Council for Mastercard, Cadore actively supports the small business movement. Her multiple businesses are a fantastic way to support small yourself.

Price range: $40–$125

Check out all of their products at Yes I Am Inc..

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17. Gilded has a breathtaking selection of cult-favorite candles and they also carry sensational scrubs and skincare. Don't know what your loved one would want? No need to fret! They have gift sets all ready for you.

Gilded Body

This woman-owned brand, started by Blair Armstrong in Georgia, was part of Beyonce's curated "Black Parade Route" list back in June. So if they don't already own it, now you know they need it.

Price range: $24–$125

Check out all of their products at Gilded.

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18. Alijhae Arts is a must-see shop filled with totally original artwork that'd make a great gift. Support this talented artist and snag an illustrated notebook, sticker, bookmark, pin, or even blanket.

Alijhae Arts

This is one of my favorite Etsy shops! Alijhae Arts is a small business based in Harvest, Alabama. I found Alijhae's work while going through an artist wormhole on Instagram, and I've never been more glad to pick social media over sleep! Every image is a statement-making piece of art with equal parts casual fun and masterful attention to detail.

Price range: $2.62–$75

Check out all of their products at Alijhae Arts on Etsy.

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19. B Condoms is here to give you and your lover the vegan condoms you've been dreaming of! They keep all shapes and sizes in mind, so go forth and do something really fun on the 14th!

B Condoms

These condoms are all-natural, gluten-free, and based in Atlanta, Georgia! The brand partners with nonprofits, donates thousands of condoms, and works to reduce STIs, unplanned pregnancy, and human trafficking in the Black community.

Price range: $9–$60

Check out all of their products at B Condoms or on Amazon.

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20. Mented Cosmetics sells a satisfying selection of vegan, paraben-free, nontoxic and cruelty-free lipsticks in shades that'll actually match their skin. The brand also includes face, eye, cheek, brow, and nail products — all great gifts for the valentine who always looks chic.

Mented Cosmetics

This woman-owned company was founded by KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson in New York, their shared search for a true nude lipstick that matched their skin tones turned into a cruelty-free makeup line that matches EVERY body.

Price range: $12–$50

Check out all of their products at Mented Cosmetics.

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21. Maya's Cookies is also vegan! They offer a mind-boggling selection of cookies, ranging from lovable classics to the completely unique. Yes I will take 17 of the "Drunken Grandma" batch. ThankYouVeryMuch.

Maya's Cookies

This woman-owned bakery in San Diego is America's #1 Black-owned gourmet vegan cookie company. Not only are these all vegan, but there are also a number of gluten free options. Some select stores sell Maya's baked goods but if you're not near one – no worries! They deliver nation-wide!

Price range: $10–$54

Check out all of their products at Maya's Cookies.

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22. BLK + GRN — a carefully curated marketplace with eco-friendly products that'll make going green easy. They've got everything from home goods to kids toys to menstrual care. You're in good hands year-round with this shop, gift-giver!


BLK + GRN is a marketplace filled with all Black artisans who share the company's goal of living green. Each product must pass approval from Black health experts to prove they are truly all natural products. BLK + GRN also has a podcast that I love! I started listening to it after making my first purchase at the marketplace and it's become a favorite pastime of mine. It's hosted by Dr. Kristian Henderson and each episode dives into a different business owner's story.

Price range: $7–$115

Check out all of their products at BLK + GRN.

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23. Auvere's awe-worthy designs include every single piece of jewelry you could hope for, each with a craftsmanship and artistry worth investing in.


This couple-owned company is famous thanks to the stunning eye of designer and co-founder Gina Feldman Love. Originally an attorney, Love nourished her passion for design by collecting 22 and 24 karat gold jewelry while traveling. After meeting her then co-founder and now husband in NYC, she took that inspiration and added her own taste, creating an unforgettable line of classic jewelry with a modern touch.

Price range: $165–$25,000

Check out all of their products at Auvere.

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24. Bublé is the real life actual cupid, providing customers with drinks so tasty they're sure to fall in love. They also sell flutes, so don't go drinking straight out of the bottle! Valentine's Day is too fancy for that.

This woman-owned business is based in Chicago. The brand shared that it's meant to be an everyday wine. And FYI: Delivery requires the signature of an adult who is 21 years or older...a good thing to keep in mind when you order!

Price range: $16.50–$108.99

Check out all of their products at Bublé.

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25. Hyde & Park Co. has a handful of spa-worthy candles best for folks who would love a soothing smell in their home, but don't want something overpoweringly sweet. That person is me. Thanks, Hyde & Park Co.,

This company is based in Chicago and makes candles with scents meant to be masculine and/or androgynous.

Price range: $16–$22

Check out all of their products at Hyde & Park Co.

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26. Jungalow products are pure heaven for eclectic maximalists. Every artist featured in this home goods marketplace creates stand-out pieces of art that just happen to be home decor.


Jungalow is an LA-based, woman-owned business started by designer Justina Blakeney. Their mission is to sustainably make your space more creative and inspirational.

Price range: $10–$440

Check out all of their products at Jungalow.

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27. Red Bay Coffee provides customers with the beans and brewing tools to make a truly perfect drink. Start Valentine's Day off with a perfect cuppa, your partner will be espres-so appreciative.,

This rad brand is in Oakland, California and working to diversify the coffee industry by creating opportunities for women, people of color, people with disabilities, and folks who were formerly incarcerated.

Price range: $19–$149

Check out all of their products at Red Bay Coffee.

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28. Papa Rozier Farms takes wholesome ingredients grown on their actual family farm and turns them into luxury products for the hair, face, and body. This shop is my go-to stop anytime I get someone a gift. Can confirm: they are always a hit!

Papa Rozier Farms

Papa Rozier Farms is a Brooklyn-based company founded by Haitian-American siblings, Rubens Amedee and Fredeline Amedee-Benjamin. The siblings started their organic farm on 50 acres of land in rural Haiti. The land was owned by their late grandfather (the actual Papa Rozier!) and their business created 30 full-time jobs. They've continued to support their birth country by building the BATI School on the land, a K-12 institution "designed to equip Haiti’s future with the transformative education needed to address the island’s challenges."

Price range: $14–$140

Check out all of their products at Papa Rozier Farms.

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29. Maire Burgos Design — a luxury design studio that's got a famous name for a reason, everything Burgos designs is a masterpiece in form meeting function.

Maire Burgos Design

Marie Burgos was born and raised in Paris. Her unmatchable style comes from a blend of her love of French design and memories from her family’s native home of Martinique. Her critically acclaimed design firm is on both coasts, in New York City and Los Angeles.

Price range: $22–$10,000

Check out all of their products at Maire Burgos Design.

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30. And Love Vera, a stellar lingerie shop that's gonna cover all your lingerie needs. We're talking inclusive nudes, bright and vibrant laces, bodysuits, bustiers, and teddies...oh my!

Love Vera

This size-inclusive brand is woman-owned! The line "celebrates black women, black entrepreneurship, and black cultural influence" and they're committed to hiring black talent to create more diversity in the fashion industry.

Price range: $6.99–$99

Check out all of their products at Love Vera.

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How your Valentine's Day is gonna go thanks to these Black-owned businesses:


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