17 Very Important Questions With "The Fosters" Cast

Stef, Lena, and Callie answer all of your burning questions.

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Chances are you've probably already fallen in love with every single member of the Fosters family, the multiethnic mix of biological, foster, and adopted children that are raised by their two loving moms. And after Teri Polo, Sherri Saum, and Maia Mitchell stopped by BuzzFeed New York, we're pretty confident you'd be just as obsessed with them in real life.

With The Fosters having such a huge, passionate fan base, we decided to give you guys the chance to find out everything you've always wanted to know. Read on to find out if this hysterical trio answered your question.

1. What was the most emotional or hardest episode that you guys have shot thus far? - adrieennee

Sherri Saum: It's different for everybody, but for me it was the mother episode when Lena loses the baby.

Teri Polo: I gotta be honest, I think more for me was "I Do" because that was when I told Frank that I didn't want him to come to the wedding. I don't know, somehow that was easier for me to deal with than him kicking off, "Eh, whatever, he's dead." (laughs)


Maia Mitchell: It was the episode where we were at Frank's funeral and I have to have all of these flashbacks of my mother's funeral and then [Teri] hugs me and I lost my mind. That was probably the hardest one for me.

TP: Yeah, I'll never forget telling you — while we were doing the taping I said, "What would your mom? Tell me about Jill, tell me about your mom." And I kept poking her and poking her.

MM: So really, she's the talented one.

TP: No, I'm just the pain in the ass. (laughs)

2. If you could have any celebrity guest star for an episode, who would it be and why? - isabelladoss

TP: Meryl Streep, sorry. Or Ralph Fiennes.

SS: Liam Neeson. Because he has a special set of skills, and I'd like him to show me those skills.

TP: Oh my gosh — what are those special skills, Teri?

SS: His...ability to take apart a carburetor. I don't know.

TP: His accent.

MM: Um, Josh Harnett.

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3. Can we expect more fun, loving, somewhat intimate interactions between Stef and Lena? - janelannl


SS: I hope so!

TP: Haven't you seen her naked enough?

SS: The fans sometimes get a little upset that we tend to argue, but you know people argue in real life, and then they come back and they get in bed and they argue again.

TP: We don't really argue any more [than normal] — and they're not really arguments, they're figuring things out. They communicate, they do agree to disagree, and they talk things out, and it's life.

SS: Fighting is like, "You're a jerk! *slams door*"

TP: Yeah. And we try to tell the fans, it's just life guys, come on! But yeah there's always a balance — there's gonna be lovey dovies and kind of just chillaxin' and there's gonna be we agree to disagree.

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4. Which cast members ship Brallie? - isabelladoss

MM: I think all of us. Well, not [Teri and Sherri]? I do!

TP: I say, they're not blood! That's what Teri Polo thinks.

MM: That's what I think, too! Families can look like anything these days.

SS: I don't ship because I feel like they're babies. I don't ship babies!


TP: They're not babies!

MM: They're 16 years old!

TP: I won't say what I was doing when I was 12, honey.

5. Which two sibling interactions are your favorite to watch grow? - isabelladoss

TP: Callie and Jude.

MM: UGH. No, I'm kidding. I feel like Brandon and Jesus have a cute brotherly friendship.

TP: It's growing, it's definitely growing, which has been interesting to see.

SS: I like Mariana and Jesus. Historically, I've liked them because she's so sassy and they're just kinda like a really fun little foil for each other.

6. What sets this show apart from any other production you have done? - meganw40e85bfdb

TP: 'Cause we have the best cast and crew EVER.

MM: That is the truth.

SS: Because we like each other.

TP: We respect each other. We genuinely all, you know, you hear, "Oh yeah, we like, love each other." But we do, we absolutely adore each other and love each other and have fun with each other. And the respect comes from the top down with our producers and our writers, and they're all loving, caring people who really care about the subject matters and the characters, and these are all their stories so there's such love and well-meaning coming all the way from the top — it trickles down.

David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed


7. Teri and Sherri: On Twitter you guys have a close relationship, is that because of The Fosters, or have you been friends for a long time? - meganw40e85bfdb

SS: I met Teri at the audition.

MM: You should tell that story.

TP: Sherri, when you first meet her, is very quiet. Not so much anymore. And she's drop-dead gorgeous and when I walked in I thought she was a bit of a snob! But then they were like, "Teri, Sherri. Sherri, Teri." And I was like, Wow, I'll play a lesbian! Because I mean, come on!

SS: I come off like a snob?! That hurts my feelings!

TP: Aw! I didn't mean it that way! No, it's not that you come off as a snob, you're unapproachable! You're so beautiful and amazing and unapproachable — not goofy like me! I was intimidated by you!

David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

8. Maia: What do you miss most about Australia? Do you keep in contact with any Australian actors who are over in L.A.? - erinm115

MM: I do miss my family and friends a lot. I have a couple friends in L.A., Jordan Rodrigues who works on our show plays Mariana's boyfriend, Mat — he's Australian and I've known him for a few years. Yeah, I tend to be in Aussie circles, but mostly I just see these guys every day and that's my whole life, so. (laughs)


Buzzfeed: Have you guys ever taken her to an Outback Steakhouse?

MM: (laughs) I'm never going to Outback! You'll never see me in an Outback. It's never gonna happen.

SS: And we buy her Fosters beer because we're The Fosters and it's Australian beer.

9. What was the first day on set like, and how is it now? - Claire L.

MM: Oh my god. My first day on set we were shooting the scene where I'm walking through juvie and I get beat up, and it was the first thing I did and I was terrified. I got there at like 4 a.m. and we were shooting in this old, abandoned, haunted jail. We got in there and at the last minute they were like, Now everyone just run in! And I'm literally on the ground getting pummeled by all these people because I'm trying to be tough because I'm playing this tough girl when really I'm like this little actress-girl from Australia. I was so scared!

SS: You were bruised up!

MM: I had like a huge bruise on my arm, and the bruises on my back when I'm in the bathtub, they were all real. It was terrifying. I was like, "Mom, I don't wanna do this anymore I wanna come home and go to University." It was intense! (laughs) It's not like that anymore.

David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed


10. What character’s misadventure or struggle hits the closest to home? - mvandeynze16

MM: I feel like I've had a pretty lucky life. I can't really relate to much because I had a very different upbringing.

TP: I can't say that I relate to anyone's specific experience. I feel like I'm a lot like Stef in ways, there's other ways I'm not. I've been through I think similar struggles, not necessarily for the same reasons.

MM: I mean kind of, in some ways. In other ways totally not. I have a younger brother who's around Jude's age so I guess that relationship comes easier to me to play that and kind of connect to that being a sibling, versus being a parent or friend and trying to find that balance. And I think Callie oversteps that balance sometimes — especially you know, Stef and Lena are in the picture, and she kind of has to let go of the reins a bit and I sometimes find that difficult.

TP: So you're a control freak?

MM: (Laughs) Pretty much.

TP: I think they're certain aspects of Sherri, Maia, and myself and the others that they definitely bring to the character.

MM: And they start writing more for you as well.

TP: Like as sweet as Cierra who plays Mariana is, let me tell you, I don't wanna meet Cierra in a dark alley ever. That girl will take you down! She is hardcore!

11. What’s the best prank ever pulled on set? - allies46f814343

SS: That's all we do.

MM: No, she's lying. They're very, very professional.


SS: I don't know how we get through these episodes because all we do is pee our pants all day laughing. Laugh all day long. The whole day is a prank.

TP: The only time anything is serious is between "action" and "cut."

SS: It's just like directors trying to corral us in the moment so we can get it done, and we're just like, Nooo! We want to play!

TP: And we joke that the only adult on set is Hayden.

SS: Because he's like a 45-year-old man.

MM: We're like mucking around and he's checking the stock market on his phone.

TP: And talking about the meaning of life and the universe. "Did you know that a particle is..." It's like, Shut up, kid! Come here and pick my nose!" (laughs)

David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

12. What’s your favorite snack to eat while filming? - erinm115

SS: I eat all day every day — all I do is think about eating. I love the Red Vines they have on set. I eat Red Vines all day long, and they have my favorite yogurt, and all my butter sandwiches and BLTs.


MM: Everything. I just graze on everything.

SS: I love Cierra because she's so non-Hollywood. She's not like, "Oh, I cant eat that." She eats everything and does not apologize. Like, "Oh, doughnuts? Bring those over here!"

TP: And she's a teeny tiny little thing.

13. Does Maia ever forget to speak in her American accent? - allies46f814343

MM: Yes, sometimes. Sometimes it'll happen. I''ll forget.

TP: And we never call her out on it.

SS: Yeah, never. That's sensitive and personal.

TP: Yeah, we don't say a word. (laughs)

MM: When I go to work I just switch my American accent on. But sometimes if I'm not working that day, we're just going to a table read or I just have one scene or something, it'll just be so terrible. I have done table reads and just been like completely in an Australian accent the whole time.

SS: We have a great outtake where she's doing a scene and you can hear the director go, "OK, cut! A little less Down Under, Maia." (laughs)

MM: (laughs) Yeah. It used to be really, really hard. Now it's more natural and helps kind of in a way to get into character.

14. Will a bloopers reel ever be released? - allies46f814343

MM: We've seen them. They make them for us every season when we finish. There's been a few of them, I don't know if they're releasable.

SS: I don't think they're releasable.

TP: We may get intro trouble. Not family friendly.

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15. Who is most likely to forget their lines? - allies46f814343

Everyone: (laughs)

TP: We all have our issues. If you're off camera, boom. It's easy. But as soon as that camera's on you, no matter how well you know your lines, no matter how well you've done off camera for someone else, all of a sudden you're just like, oaihefhwefweo.

SS: And if you only have one line and you think it's the easiest — that's the worst.

MM: The worst.

16. Who is the jokester on set? - lizziea4d6674042

MM and SS: Teri Polo.

David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

17. If you could play anyone else on the show, who would it be? - Claudia101

MM: Mariana. We were practicing our lines and Cierra was somewhere doing something and I got to play Mariana when we were practicing lines and that was really fun. I was all sassy. And I nailed it! That was fun.

TP: God, I wish I had that on film.

SS: I'd be Stef, for sure.

TP: You wanna know why? Because she wants to wear the uniform. Which is the bane of my existence. I hate the uniform. It's like granddad pants, all the way up to here. It's the most asexual, unfeminine ever. I hate it.

MM: I think you work it.

Watch The Fosters on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC Family.

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