21 Photos That Will Confuse You For Approximately Three Seconds

Illusions, Michael.

1. A giant squirrel is not trying to steal this man's car.

Twitter: @BoringEnormous

2. This baby does not have the head of an old man.

3. This man and woman are not wearing the same outfit.


4. This is not some kind of girl/dog hybrid creature.

5. This guy isn't staring out onto a lake.

(Hint: tilt your head to the right.)

6. Don't worry; this man is not dangling a baby over a balcony.


7. This woman is not part cow.

8. That man is not part of the painting on the wall.

9. This girl doesn't actually have super long arms.


10. The man in this photo is not standing up; he's lying down.

11. This is not a giant girl kneeling on water.

12. This ain't a teeny-tiny man standing on top of a trash can.


13. This doggo cannot breathe fire.

14. This woman is not wearing a bathing suit.

15. This model is not showing off her buttcheeks.


16. This woman is wearing pants.

17. This basketball player is not sneaking a sniff of this fan's hair.

18. There is not a giant dildo in this office.


19. This woman is not actually a floating torso.

20. This baby does not have a pair of adult legs.

21. And this is not a two-headed dog.

But if it were, what a good two-headed boy it would be!!!

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