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People In Japan Are Vacuuming Harmonicas And It Will Make You Feel So Alive

"If you don't like harmonica vacuum, I don't trust you."

Sometimes, the internet in all its goodness grants us something we never knew we needed. Now it has given us this: a video of a harmonica being vacuumed.

It's delightful AF and just sounds like TADAAAA.

The video was posted by @CelloMetalgirl, a Twitter user in Japan, who said she "laughed to death" over it. It has been retweeted over 220,000 times.

For a brief moment in time, all was right with the world.

@genderdeer / Via Twitter: @genderdeer

There was peace.

Everyone could finally agree on one thing: Harmonica vacuum was good.

@IzziMitchello / Via Twitter: @IzziMitchello

It was treasured by all.

@ZynBells1 / Via Twitter: @ZynBells1


Its beauty transcends generations.

@SucreSpectre / Via Twitter: @SucreSpectre

Since then, tons of Twitter users in Japan have been sharing their harmonica vacuum videos.

It's triumphant! It's satisfying!

Have you ever felt so alive???

In conclusion:

@teezans / Via Twitter: @teezans

Wait, one more then I swear I'm done:

OK bye.

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