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Day 2 Of The Postal Vote Campaign And The Respectful Debate" Is Not Slowing Down

On day two of the "respectful debate" for the postal survey on same-sex marriage, ABC staff were silenced and received hate-filled post.

Those who most wanted a public debate on same-sex marriage (the "no" voters) often said that it would be a respectful debate. Well, here we are on day two and things are already getting pretty ugly.

Lyle Shelton, head of the Australian Christian Lobby — the loudest voice on the "no" side — refused to withdraw his claim that marriage equality will create a "stolen generation" of the children of LGBTI Australians.

On ABC News Breakfast Shelton claimed the postal survey "will be a referendum on freedom of speech and Safe Schools, whether children should be taught that their gender is fluid".

In response, Australian Marriage Equality's Tiernan Brady said: "This is the kind of misdirection that's so hurtful and damaging and poisonous to the type of society we want to have. All across Australia, lesbian and gay people are successfully raising children. They will continue to do that, whether marriage equality happens or not. Nothing will prevent that."


ABC News Breakfast host Michael Rowland received a postcard asking if he approved of the "filthy practice" of "sodomy" and compared gay people to "brownshirts" (i.e. Nazis)

Then, ABC staff members were reportedly told by management to avoid barracking on social media for one side or the other in the same-sex marriage debate.

Liberal senator Zed Seselja on Sky News claimed there was a lot of censorship of the "no" side's views, and accused the ABC of "not being fair" on the "no side" and effectively campaigning on the issue. He also claimed the "yes" side had made death threats in the past.

Meanwhile, his colleague, Liberal MP Andrew Laming, in a tense debate with former Labor premier Kristina Keneally on Sky News, suggested if she didn't like the debate, she could go to North Korea.

Labor MP Tim Watts shares some correspondence.


The Australian Bureau of Statistics confirmed the details and is now calling it a "postal survey". RIP plebiscite.

The minister responsible for the ABS was heckled in Question Time.

And we were reminded that the minister now in charge of the agency responsible for surveying the public on same-sex marriage once said gay sex was "sordid behaviour" and "unnatural acts".

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