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Here Are All The Politicians Under A Dual Citizenship Cloud

Following forced disclosures, accusations of dual citizenship are coming thick and fast.

Now that all current federal politicians have disclosed their citizenship, and the citizenship of their parents and grandparents, all sides of the parliament have started pointing accusatory fingers at those they say should be referred to the High Court.

Politicians who may have been entitled to citizenship of a foreign power at the time of nomination at the last election may be ineligible to sit in parliament under Section 44.

The growing number of MPs facing citizenship questions raises the prospect of a "super Saturday" set of by-elections early in the new year, if the High Court finds the MPs were ineligible.

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has accused Labor of running a "protection racket" for several MPs who may have been dual citizens at the election. Prior to disclosure, Labor leader Bill Shorten had insisted that Labor's vetting process was thorough, however after the disclosures yesterday, the following Labor MPs are the subject of citizenship doubts:

David Feeney


The Labor member for Batman in Victoria, David Feeney, can't seem to find the documentation that proved he renounced his British citizenship prior to entering the Senate in 2007 (he later moved to a lower house seat).

Feeney told parliament he is prepared to go to the High Court if he can't find evidence he renounced. If there is a by-election in the inner-Melbourne seat, Feeney could potentially lose it to the Greens, as he won the seat by less than 2,000 votes on two-party preferred vote and lost on the primary vote.

Josh Wilson


Labor MP for Fremantle in WA, Josh Wilson, was born in the United Kingdom. He renounced his citizenship, but the renunciation didn't come into effect until June 29 last year, putting it past the June 9 closing date for nominations.

Labor is arguing that MPs should not be at the mercy of the UK Home Office, and when its public servants can process renunciation forms. It says Wilson had taken all reasonable steps as required to renounce citizenship.

Katy Gallagher


Labor senator Katy Gallagher is in a similar situation to Wilson. She did not receive confirmation she had renounced her British citizenship until after the 2016 election.

On Wednesday morning Gallagher said she had received no advice that she was ineligible to sit in parliament, but said that due to ongoing attacks from the government she had decided to refer herself to the High Court.

Justine Keay

Mick Tsikas / AAPIMAGE

Labor member for Braddon in Tasmania, Justine Keay, is one of four Labor MPs potentially being referred to the High Court because of dual citizenship with the UK via her father. Keay renounced her citizenship but did not receive confirmation until July 9, 2016 – well after the 2016 election and the close of nominations.

Emma McBride


Labor's member for Dobell on the NSW Central Coast, Emma McBride, had Irish citizenship before the 2013 election which she said she had renounced, but the MP has not provided any documentation to prove it.

Ed Husic


The parents of Labor MP for Chifley in Western Sydney, Ed Husic, were born in the former Yugoslavia. The country no longer exists, however the Daily Telegraph has said Husic has not shown documentation to prove he had renounced.

On Sky News on Wednesday Husic said it was absurd, and asked whether he was expected to hold a "seance" with the former country to get that renunciation.

Anne Aly


Labor's MP for Cowan in Western Australia showed a letter from the Egyptian Embassy stating she had renounced, but it is unclear what date this occurred.

Susan Lamb


The Labor MP for Longman in Queensland attempted to renounce her British dual citizenship, but the UK Home Office refused to accept it, saying Lamb had not shown she was entitled to citizenship, despite her father being born in Scotland.

Steve Georganas


The Labor MP for Hindmarsh in South Australia, Steve Georganas said he has renounced Greek citizenship, but has not provided any documentation confirming renunciation on the disclosure form.

Emma Husar


The Labor MP for Lindsay in Western Sydney reportedly wrote to the Polish embassy to inquire about potential citizenship by descent, but has not disclosed what the embassy said in response.

Her documents indicate her grandparents were born in the former country of Yugoslavia and her grandparents were born in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Mutually-assured destruction means that as the government now targets Labor MPs, Labor is also gunning for several Liberal MPs to be referred to the High Court over their own citizenship. They are:

Jason Falinski


The Liberal MP for Mackellar in Sydney, Jason Falinski, said in his declaration form that he had consulted with the Polish consulate and UK High Commission about potential citizenship issues, but provided no documentation.

Josh Frydenberg


Environment minister and Liberal member for Kooyong in Melbourne, Josh Frydenberg, claims he has received advice from both Poland and Hungary that he isn't entitled to citizenship by descent from either country, but has not provided any documentation or advice to this effect.

Nola Marino


Government whip and Liberal member for Forrest in WA, Nola Marino has not provided documentation showing she was not entitled to Italian citizenship by marriage to her husband.

Julia Banks


Julia Banks, the Liberal MP for Chisholm in Victoria, has provided a letter from the Greek Embassy suggesting she is not a "registered member" (i.e. a citizen), but Labor says the letter is not enough evidence to prove she renounced.

Michael McCormack


Labor is similarly unconvinced by the same sort of letter supplied by the Greek Embassy to Nationals MP for Riverina in New South Wales, and minister for small business, Michael McCormack.

Alex Hawke


Ditto, Liberal MP for Mitchell, and assistant minister for immigration, Alex Hawke.

Arthur Sinodinos


Double ditto for Liberal senator for New South Wales, Arthur Sinodinos, however Labor has said it will hold off from referring the industry and innovation minister to the High Court until he returns from being treated for cancer.

And then there is the one cross-bench MP under a citizenship cloud:

Rebekha Sharkie


Nick Xenophon Team MP for Mayo in South Australia, Rebekha Sharkie, renounced her UK dual citizenship prior to nomination, but did not receive confirmation until June 29, well after the confirmation date.

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