45 Things From Your '90s Childhood You Probably Forgot About

Life was more fun before Snapchat and smartphones.

1. These books:

2. Eating your Happy Meal on these chairs at McDonald's.


3. Putting cool beads on your bike spokes.

(Bonus cool point if they were glow in the dark.)


4. Getting so excited when your Disney Adventures came.

5. Hurting your fingers trying to "test" the batteries.

But it was sooooo fun.

6. Doing math on one of these.

7. How your parents tricked you into doing yardwork.


8. Seeing this before every VHS movie.

And getting nervous because... FBI.

9. Getting mad when you turned on Nickelodeon and this was on:

10. Viennetta ice cream.

The crispy chocolate layers!


11. Using this at the arcade and Chuck-E-Cheese.

12. Getting all sticky from these.

Twitter: @its_just_kt

And drinking the melted "juice" out of it at the end.

13. Drinking from these Garfield cups.


14. Bunnicula.

... which is pretty scary in retrospect.

15. These Pizza Hut drinking glasses.

So many. So, so many.

16. Beating your sibling at playground Tic-Tac-Toe.

Rony Zmiri / Getty Images

But only for one or two games before you both got bored.

17. Making your mom mad by pulling these coupons out.

But still running around the grocery store trying to find them.


18. When your teacher let you play BrainQuest in class.

19. And when they read you Stories with Holes.,204,203,200_.jpg

20. Hot Shot Basketball.

21. The old Cherry Coke cans.


22. Bath and Body Works Art Stuff products.

This was during peak body glitter trend.

23. This Tupperware pitcher.

Complete with Kool Aid stains.

24. The Pizza Party game.


25. And Shark Attack.

26. When your parents made you watch the Weather Channel.


27. Crayola Mini Stampers markers.

And getting mad because the smiley face one never came out right.


28. Being obsessed with Supermarket Sweep.

Grind the coffee for $100!!!

29. The Ghostwriter episode where Lenni made a music video.

You gotta belieeeeeeve and reach for the skyyyyyy.

30. The Windows 1995 solitaire deck.

You probably chose the spooky castle because the bats flapped their wings, or the beach scene because the sun stuck its tongue out.

31. Street Sharks.


32. Having these at your school.

33. The Mystery Files Of Shelby Woo on Nickleodeon.

34. McDonald's Changeables toys.

Flickr: 27697220@N02

Especially the pterodactyl hot cakes one.


35. These little guys.

So scary!

36. Knowing the best store at the mall was the Imaginarium.

37. And B. Dalton.


38. Using stretchy book covers so you didn't have to cut open a paper bag.

39. The Nickelodeon time capsule.

It will be opened on April 30, 2042. Here's what's in it.

40. This Velcro ball game.


41. The Littlest Pet Shop turtles.

42. The cool kids wearing this logo on the back of their jeans.

43. Your teacher's pull-down maps.

The Powerpoint of the past!


44. Bonne Bell Bottled Emotions perfume.

45. And Pringles carrying cases.

Pretty convenient, tbh.

Cherish the mems.
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