This Couple (And Their Guests) Renewed Their Vows At The Beach Wedding Of Your Dreams

"We're celebrating not just our love, but everybody's love."

Flipino actor/dancer Gab Valenciano and model/blogger Tricia Centenera recently got hitched at Discovery Shores Boracay.

This is actually their third time exchanging vows — the first time in the U.S. and the second at Tagaytay Highlands.

You could say Gab and Tricia just wanted to have the best of everything in life.

But this time, they gave their guests a chance to renew their own wedding vows.

Gab said, "We're celebrating not just our love, but everybody's love."

And so they dubbed their wedding as a celebration of love for all.

All kinds of love.

The bridesmaids were all wearing white, of course.

Because if everyone's renewing their vows, you gotta do white right.

And the groom was wearing shorts because why not?

And these old-fashioned keys were used as ornaments for the guests' seating arrangements.

I mean, how romantic is that?

There was a teepee with word "LOVE" in big letters where guests hung out and took pictures.

Love, indeed, was everywhere.

I mean, look at this set-up!

Nothing like walking down this ethereal aisle.

The venue was styled by Gideon Hermosa.

Even the reception had that laid-back, low-seating vibe.

Guests were put to tears when Gab's dad, Gary Valenciano, sung for the couple's dance.

Everyone had fun.

Including the bride and groom, of course.

I mean, really.


Congratulations, you big cheeseballs! <3
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