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12 Glasgow And 11 London Tweets That Will Make You Say "What The Fuck"?

Marauding geese, dangling neds, and rancid bus mince? No thank you.

1. This beautiful alfresco dining scene in Glasgow.

2. This average day in the life of a London commuter.

3. This really confusing crime.

Twitter: @shitlondon

4. And this equally baffling one in Clydebank.


5. This pigeon-fancier in Glasgow.

6. This beautiful and affordable London flat.

7. This tragic but sexy end to a bake sale.

8. This entirely unironic "job" offer.


9. This display of ned sporting prowess in Glasgow.

Twitter: @robbieesmart

10. And this inspiring sight in London.

11. This extremely pushy Glasgow piercing addict.

12. This mysterious free beef, spotted in London.


13. This disturbing pooing arrangement in Glasgow.

14. This extremely worrying TfL sign.

15. This deeply disappointing Glasgow delivery.

16. This unappealing-sounding London barber.


17. And this equally unappealing Glasgow neighbour.

18. This utterly WTF dog "walker" spotted in London.

19. This eye-opening Glaswegian threat.

20. This shameful hipster coffee from a London café.


21. And this disgraceful treatment of haggis.

22. These London bin-spitters.

Twitter: @shitlondon

23. And these Glasgow close-pissers.

Maybe we should just merge the two cities and call it Glasdon. Or Londow.

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