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19 Kids Who Are Too Funny For Their Own Good

"I don't even like celery."

1. This kid who knows charm will get him everywhere:

2. This kid who isn't Santa's biggest fan:

3. This kid who's definitely going places:

4. This visionary of the human condition:


5. This kid with a dark backstory:

6. This kid with a special relationship:

7. This competitive 7-year-old:

8. This smart ass response:


9. This fashion icon who knows who she is:

10. This kid who learned from Rihanna:

11. This evil mastermind:

12. This vocabulary genius:


13. This master of both fashion and nutrition:

14. This 4-year-old who isn't ready for employment:

15. This creative kid with a good imagination:

16. This kid who just wanted to make a clarification:


17. This proud champ:

18. This brutal kid just looking out for their mum:

19. And this 4-year-old who solved the mystery of adulthood woes:

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