17 Disney Park Recipes For People Stuck At Home Right Now

If you can't go to Café Orleans, you can still make a Mickey beignet!

You may have heard that Disney recently released a recipe for Dole Whip to tide over aficionados during their park closure. Dole Whip is delicious, but there are SO MANY other Disney park foods that you can create at home.

Here are some of the best!

1. Churros

Jenny Flake / Via

If you've never made churros before, they're surprisingly easy! If you don't have anything to do the piping with, you can always just form them by hand. It won't be pretty, but it'll taste delicious! Recipe here.

2. The Grey Stuff (from Beauty and the Beast)

Kristyn Merkley / Via

♪ "Try the grey stuff, it's delicious, don't believe me? Ask the dishes!" ♪

The recipe for this delicious Oreo pudding treat can be found here.


3. Mint Julep from New Orleans Square

Six Sisters / Via

Feel free to add bourbon if that's your thing! Recipe here.

4. Mickey Beignets

Jamielyn Nye / Via

These are by far my favorite food from Disneyland. Above recipe here. Official Disney (but not mouse-shaped) recipe for beignets here.

5. Blue Bayou Gumbo

Six Sisters / Via

Enjoy this southern classic from the comfort of your own home! Recipe here.


6. The Cove's Fun Wheel

Disneyfamily/ Youtube / Via

This gorgeous drink is just ASKING to be enjoyed on your patio. Check out the recipe here.

7. Hand-Dipped Corn Dogs

Kristyn Merkley / Via

Corn dogs are a park staple – eating one will make you feel like you're actually at Disneyland! Recipe here.

8. Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Kristyn Merkley / Via

This Bengal Barbeque favorite is easy to make at home! Recipe here.


9. Monte Cristos

Karlynn Johnston / Via

These addictive sandwiches perfectly combine savory and sweet. Recipe here.

10. Pomme Frites

Six Sisters / Via

My mouth is watering. Recipe here.

11. Matterhorn Macaroons

Six Sisters / Via

You can't ride the Matterhorn, but you can eat one! Recipe here.


12. Ratatouille


It won't be prepared by a rat, but it'll still be award-winning. Recipe here.

13. Walt's Chili

Jenny Flake / Via

This absolute classic is just as delicious as it was years ago. Recipe here.

14. Mickey Rice Krispie Treats

Six Sisters / Via

These are great for stay-at-home birthdays or special occasions! Recipe here.


15. Apple Freeze

Six Sisters / Via

It's not Fall anymore, but who can be sure with us all losing track of what day it is? Recipe here.

16. Bao Steamed Dumplings


The creator of the short film Bao actually released her mother's recipe!

17. And, of course, their Dole Whip:

Disneyland App

What a classic. Recipe here.



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