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24 Of The Worst Things Hipsters Did To Food In 2016

I'll take my coffee in a test tube and my dinner in a shoe, please.

1. When they mutilated an innocent Caesar salad by wrapping a single piece of bread around a joyless leaf.

2. When they destroyed the sanctity of a good cup of coffee by serving it in a test tube.

3. And turned a simple cup of tea into a science experiment.

Instagram: @hollomaphone

4. When this scotch egg was triumphantly served IN A TROPHY.

"World's Best Scotch Egg" served in "World's Most Useless Utensil".


5. And this dessert was served in a mini bath tub instead of, you know, a bowl.

6. When customers were forced to risk their fingers for a slice of cheese.

Instagram: @robtinsley

7. And this bread was served in a sack, presumably to keep it warm.

Instagram: @londonpiggy

And to add some extra fun to your meal by playing "how many sack hairs can i pull off my toast?"

8. When this dessert was essentially served on a mini climbing frame.


9. And a few lucky diners were invited to assemble their own spaghetti bolognese.

10. When they decided the only logical way to serve afternoon tea was on a bookshelf.

Instagram: @toriredding92

11. Which means the only proper way to serve dinner is on a skateboard.


12. When appetisers were suddenly way less appetising once served in a shoe.


13. Because WHO IN THE WORLD wants to eat their meal out of a GODDAMN TRAINER?

Instagram: @tobychiz

14. When fruit crumble was literally crumbled onto a chopping board.

15. And no one bothered to transfer the mac and cheese from the measuring cup to an actual plate.

16. When they put coleslaw in a trolley and assumed that was totally normal.


17. Which meant it was totally okay to serve this entire meal IN A SPADE.

Instagram: @anneavelo

18. When this prawn looked just as happy to be in a skip as the recipient probably did.

Twitter: @WeWantPlates

19. And this chicken looked delectable in its picnic hamper, complete with chutney in a spade.

Instagram: @meganpop

20. When popcorn was no longer sweet or salty, but salted with kale and quinoa!

Perfect cinema food, if you ask me.


21. When they served this...well...what even is this?

Instagram: @merlinmason

22. And this corn on the cob was undeservedly pierced with a screw.

23. When this scone was placed in a plant pot on top of a plate, instead of just on the plate.

Instagram: @justinelewisauthor

24. And this sandwich was served as actual rubbish in a dustpan.

Which sums it all up really.

For more Best of 2016 content, click here! H/T @WeWantPlates

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