21 Stunning Photos Of The Fulani Braids Blac Chyna's Ex's Sister Recently Tried To Wear

Black people did it first.

Hi, world! This stunningly regal hairstyle is called Fulani braids.

@kersti . pitre / Via

Stylist: @kersti.pitre

Blac Chyna's ex's sister recently posted a pic wearing the hairdo, and she referenced Bo Derek, an actress who also tried to wear the style in the 1979 film 10.

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We see how that could leave some people confused, so we decided to clear a few things up.

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Stylist: unknown


For starters, white people often refer to the hairstyle as "Bo braids," but this is an alternative fact. It was originated by the Fulani people, a primarily Muslim group in West Africa.

@tqueenhairsalon / Via

Stylist: @tqueenhairsalon

It has taken on many variations as black women all over the globe have adopted the style, but there are some common characteristics, like bead accents, that've remained popular.

@teyonahparris / Via

Stylist: @FalaMala1

There is usually a center braid cornrowed in the front of the hair, though this is not always the case...

@teyonahparris / Via

Heeeeeeeey, Teyonah Parris!

Stylist: @FalaMala1


...and you'll often see a braid or two braided from back to front on the sides.

@divynedavyna_hairstyles / Via

Fulani braids can be worn in endless ways, like in a high cornrowed ponytail...

@divynedavyna_hairstyles / Via two high buns...

@jalicia35 / Via

Stylist: @jalicia35


...and just hanging down.

@hairbyantoinettenyc / Via

Black girls are never too young to start rocking Fulani braids, and this perfect cowrie shell–wearing queen is SLAYING them!

Instagram: @touchedbytianaa

Our ovaries are not okay.

Stylist: @touchedbytianaa

For max fullness, we may do box braids in the back.

Instagram: @leonegoddess

Stylist: @beauty_isa18

Or stick with cornrows all over to make the look less dense.

@hairbysusy / Via

Stylist: @hairbysusy

For a super minimal look, fine metallic thread is where it's at.

Instagram: @hairbysusy

Stylist: @hairbysusy

Of course, there's also both beads AND thread 'cause there's no such thing as doing too much or too little when it comes to Fulani braids.

@dayelasoul / Via


Slicking down those baby hairs is a cute look.

@thepatriciabright / Via

Stylist: unknown

But it's not at all a requirement.

@justmargie_ / Via

Stylist: braiders at Ujoma Market

Braids in the front, Afro puff in the back, anyone? THE OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS!

@ciindy_ml / Via

Stylist: unknown


Should black women need to show off our striking looks, one may find accessories concentrated towards the bottom so that the focus is still on our face.

Instagram: @touchedbytianaa

Stylist: @touchedbytianaa

The most consistent thing in Fulani braids, tho, is the grade-A symmetry.

@jades_braids / Via

Stylist: @jades_braids

And of course, the wig-snatching, edge-plucking, life-giving SERVE of the black women who wear them!

LavishlyBrit / Via

Stylist: LavishlyBrit

*Black women shaking our heads "nope" whenever someone says "Bo" and "braids" in the same sentence*

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