23 Of The Most Emotionally Devastating TV Moments That Still Make People Cry Now

Brb, crying forever.

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most emotionally devastating TV moment they've ever seen. Here are some of the best responses.

1. "The Quarterback" episode of Glee.


It's without a doubt the saddest episode of ANY show I've ever watched. Aside from Finn having such a strong presence on the show, Corey's death was so sudden and terrible that it's hard not to feel for the actors. I sob throughout the entire episode.

— mandystew

The entire episode is a sob-fest but watching Lea Michele get through singing "Make You Feel My Love" just crushes your soul because it's real, honest and filled with her own personal pain. It was amazingly brave and crushing at the same time.



2. When Monica and Chandler find out they can't have children in Friends.

Warner Bros

It's so great that they end up adopting, but their devastation after the phone call from the clinic is just heartbreaking.


I cry Every. Single. Time.

— madelinewilson688

3. When Will's dad leaves him in Fresh Prince of Bel Air.


The scene where Will's dad doesn't show up and he confides in Uncle Phil. Every time Will asks: "How come he don't want me, man?" I break down. I think it was the first TV scene I ever fully sobbed at, and even thinking about it now gets me teary-eyed. In such a funny show, a moment like that is all the more poignant.


4. When Michael died on Jane the Virgin.

The CW

The raw pain that Jane feels and the lasting panic attacks from the event just tears at my heartstrings. To lose your life partner so soon after thinking he was cleared after being shot is just overwhelmingly painful and crushing.


The way she screams and cries after getting the phonecall telling her he's died cuts through me like a knife. You can feel her pain.

— leahmaries2

5. When Rayna died on Nashville.


She was the sweetest person and life was just going good for her and then she unexpectedly dies??


Her death was so sudden, and watching her teenage daughters and husband grieve hit me so hard. It was heartbreaking.



6. Glenn's death in The Walking Dead.


Glenn gets his head repeatedly bashed in by Neagan and dies in front of his pregnant wife. I'm usually pretty good about not letting fictional deaths bother me, but that one was jut so gruesome and sudden. It messed me up pretty bad.


7. When Kristina got cancer in Parenthood.


Almost every episode of that show makes me cry, but the episode in which Kristina tells her family she has cancer was so beautifully written — especially the part where there's no dialogue, just the family's reaction. It gets me every time.

— jaclynd4dd97225c

As a mother, I was torn to shreds watching the video she made to say goodbye to her kids.


8. The "Time Travellers" episode of How I Met Your Mother.


When Ted goes to the mother's apartment and tells her that he doesn't want to wait a few more days to meet her — that he has to start his life with her now. It was the first time I ever thought that she might die later on, and that Ted loves her more than he can bear, because he just wants a minute more with her. It gets me every time and leaves me in tears. I want to find someone some day who feels that way about me.


9. When Jesse repeatedly calls Jane's voicemail to hear her voice after she dies in Breaking Bad.


After she dies, Jesse keeps calling Jane's phone over and over again just to hear her voicemail. This show has dozens of moments that can emotionally wreck a person, and Jesse is involved in A LOT of them, but this is the first moment that really impacted me. The look on his face when her service finally disconnects and he truly realises she's gone is enough to ruin my whole day.



10. When Poussey died in Orange Is The New Black .


It was such a brutal, unexpected, shocking scene and the after effects carried through the next seasons beautifully. Her death changed the characters around her, and her friends and girlfriend were ruined. It was heartbreaking and unforgettable.


11. The "Red Wedding" episode of Game of Thrones.


Watching Robb mourn the loss of Talisa and their unborn child was heartbreaking. But Catelyn watching helplessly as Robb was murdered, and then remaining catatonic even while her own throat was slit, was emotionally traumatic.


12. When it was revealed that Wes had died on How To Get Away With Murder.


My heart literally sank the moment I found out that he was the one who had died in the house fire.


I was sitting on the edge of my seat in complete shock.


13. When Mike was killed off in Desperate Housewives.


He was the most wholesome person who always did the right thing, and he was helping someone when he was killed. I couldn't even finish the rest of the show as a result.



14. When BoJack's mother's backstory was finally explained in BoJack Horseman.


She's constantly portrayed as selfish and vile and she does some pretty shitty things, but finally hearing her backstory and seeing what she went through humanised her. Instead of a monster origin story you see a little girl stripped of all innocence and whimsy until all that's left is a bitter husk of a woman.


15. When Kevin died in Supernatural.

Warner Bros

There have been a lot of crazy, unexpected, and emotional deaths on Supernatural but I literally cried out to Kevin when he died. He was such a great kid and had been through so much! I couldn’t believe that he was dead! I had to wait at least a week until I finished the episode because I kept crying every time I tried to continue. I kept waiting for the boys to feel the wrath of Kevin’s mom when she found out and I’m disappointed they never took the time to show that happening.

— elizabethmarieh3

16. When Buffy's mom died in Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Mutant Enemy Productions

There was absolutely no background music. All you can hear is the terror in Buffy's voice when she calls 911 and attempts CPR. It was absolutely heart-wrenching.

— earleenb

17. "The Angels Take Manhattan" episode of Doctor Who.


For them to survive everything in that episode just for Rory to disappear was hard enough, but Amy's emotional goodbye to River and the Doctor when she chooses to follow him makes me cry every single time.



18. When Leo McGarry died in The West Wing.


They had to include it because the actor died in real life, but knowing it was coming didn't make it hurt any less. His death was within the same episodes as those charting election day, so just as this big plot arc that had been building for two seasons reached a climax, they doubled down and had Leo die in the middle of the two-parter. Watching everyone have to make the call and share the news was awful — particularly the way Annabeth completely broke down telling Josh. She could barely speak and it was devastating. And then Santos wins the election, so what should be an utterly joyful and ecstatic moment happens in the midst of grief. It's such a rollercoaster.


19. Valencia's reaction to Rebecca's suicide attempt on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

The CW

Watching Valencia, who's usually so cool and confident, break down in tears over Rebecca's suicide attempt made this normally funny show take a really sharp turn that nearly broke me.


20. When Hook sacrificed himself to save Storybrooke in Once Upon A Time.


I'd been rooting for Hook and Emma since they met in season two and to watch Emma, who's been through so much pain her entire life, be forced to kill the man she loves broke my heart. It's also an incredibly well acted scene, especially by Jennifer Morrison.


21. When Will died in The Good Wife.


The moment in the hospital when you just see his feet behind a curtain, lying on a bed alone with one shoe missing and no one tending to him is devastating. It's clear he's dead before you even see his face. It was so sudden I just stared in shock and started sobbing. I couldn't keep watching the show after that happened.

— Lumos934


22. When Michael left The Office.


He was such an integral part of the show, and his and Pam's last goodbye makes me weep every time.


It broke my heart when Jim realises it's Michael's last day and tells him how great a boss he was. Also, when Pam catches up to Michael at the airport and hugs him in this beautiful, unscripted moment I just started sobbing.


23. And, finally, when Derek died on Grey's Anatomy.


Everything from him being taken to hospital and hearing what's going on around him, knowing what could save him and nobody being able to hear him, to leaving Meredith with the kids and the life support being turned off before his sisters could say goodbye. It absolutely broke me.

— dannielles44592d203

It wasn't just his death but the whole process of him knowing what was happening and being unable to tell the doctors treating him what to do. The doctors say that it'll take a few hours for the neuro-surgeon to get there, and the last thing we hear Derek think is: "It'll be too late."


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