Illustrators Around The World Are Creating Amazing “New Yorker”–Style Cover Art For Tokyo

A gorgeous tribute to those iconic illustrated covers.

If you love seeing The New Yorker’s super artsy covers each week, you’ll definitely want to check out The Tokyoiter.

Mathieu De Muizon / Via

It’s a collective art project originally started by two artists living in Japan’s bustling capital city.

Chiyun Yeh - Yo / Via
進藤 恵子 / Via


Even though The Tokyoiter isn’t an actual magazine, the collection of cover art has since grown to include drawings and cartoons from illustrators around the world.

Tilly (aka Running for Crayons) / Via, Luis Mendo / Via, Ootsu Moeno / Via

It’s not only a cool tribute to the American literary magazine’s style, but also a seriously cool showcase of life in Tokyo.

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Cofounders Andrew Joyce, an illustrator, and David Robert, an art director, told BuzzFeed News that they began living in Tokyo about five years ago and launched The Tokyoiter after meeting other illustrators visiting the city.

Thibaud Herem / Via

"We thought an imaginary magazine cover was the best format for showing beautiful art,” they explained.

Andrew Browne / Via

Inspired by The New Yorker’s weekly covers, which have become something of a collectible among its devoted readers, Joyce and Robert wanted to use the medium as a way to celebrate the many sides of their new home city.

Louis-Étienne Vallée / Via

"The New Yorker always portrays all these different aspects of life in New York,” the pair told BuzzFeed News. “Sometimes it's a favorite restaurant, or a train commute, or just the artist’s favorite view in the city. You get many unique angles.”


Alessandro Bioletti / Via

They're received positive feedback from other artists, Tokyo residents, and tourists.

Fern Choonet / Via

Often, people have commented that a certain cover reminds them of their grandmother’s home, or their most recent sightseeing trip.

新倉 サチヨ / Via


Mateusz Urbanowicz / Via

You can find all of The Tokyoiter covers online here — and let us know which one is your fave!

Hennie Haworth / Via

The Tokyoiter covers are posted online, and although they are not available for purchase, they will be considering it.

This post was translated from Japanese.

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