10 Bold Mashups That You Need To Try

Sometimes extreme texting just isn't enough. Doritos – For the Bold.

1. Scuba + Ironing

Shutterstock (2)

Extreme Ironing

Tim Moran / Rex / Rex USA

You haven't experienced the wonders of ironing until you've done it underwater.

2. Lawn Mowers + Racing

Shutterstock; Jonathan Ferrey / Getty

Endurance lawn mower racing

Jon Santa Cruz / Rex Features / Rex USA

For those who fancy riding in the goop and the muck for 12 hours straight.

3. Volleyball + Soccer

Shutterstock (2)

Sepak Takraw


Only badasses allowed.

4. Swordfighting + Towel

Shutterstock (2)

Cardboard Tube Fighting


There's actually a league devoted to this arcane art.

5. Broom + Ball

Shutterstock (2)


Phelan M. Ebenhack / AP

Now in a muggle friendly version.

6. Hamster Wheel + A Guy With A Plan

Shutterstock (2)


Thomas Peter / Reuters

Sometimes you just gotta roll with it.

7. A Hill + A Wheel Of Cheese

Shutterstock (2)

Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling

ADRIAN DENNIS / AFP / Getty Images

Running downhill chasing a wheel of cheese is a lovely way to spend time with the family.

8. Flying Squirrel + Some Dude

Encyclopaedia Britannica / Getty; Shutterstock

Wingsuit Flying


You too can fall with style.

9. Sand + Surfing

Graham Denholm / Getty; Shutterstock


Jamie McDonald / Getty Images

Snow is overrated.

10. Monsters + Wrestling

Shutterstock; Ethan Miller / Getty

Kaiju Big Battel


Do the mash. Do the monster mash.

Doritos – For the Bold.

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