17 Tattooed Brides That Will Inspire You To Get Inked Before Your Wedding Day

Not to be dramatic, but tattooed brides are basically perfect.

1. Whoever said tattoos can't be elegant can leave, because this bride is an actual goddess.

Sandrachile / / Via Instagram: @sandrachilep

2. I'd have a smile this genuine, too, if I could rock a shoulder tattoo and rainbow curls like this bride.

Nikia Williams / / Via Instagram: @nikiawilliamsphotography

3. Okay, but matching your flower crown to your tattoos is SUCH an expert move.

Emilie May / / Via Instagram:


4. The face you make when you know you're rocking the crap out of your tattoos on your wedding day.

@chocolatecherribomb / Via Instagram: @chocolatecherribomb

5. The fascinator, the industrial piercing, the tattoo?? Yes to all of this.

Katie Fisher / / Via Instagram: @kfisherphotos

6. Is it just me, or is this bride basically a Disney princess?

Michaella Jelin Till / / Via Instagram: @yellowbirdvisuals


7. Nothing like a pair of blushing brides wearing their heart, and ink, on their sleeves.

Andy and Szerdi / / Via Instagram: @andyandszerdi

8. If I had tattoos this cute, I'd wear a strapless dress on my wedding day, too.

@ivelyss_photography / Via Instagram: @ivelyss_photography

9. To all those who say a bride shouldn't show their tattoos or wear glasses on their wedding day, I present: exhibit A.

Savannah Lauren / / Via Instagram: @savannahlaurenphoto


10. What's more badass, her purple hair streak, her killer two-piece, or her tattoos?

Sandrachile / / Via Instagram: @sandrachilep

11. I get so emotional baby, every time I think of brides with tattoos.

Kat Soutar and Scout Kozakiewicz / / Via Instagram: @itsbeautifulhere

12. Oh, I see you matching tattoos, I see you.

Shawnee C / / Via Instagram: @shawnee_custalow


13. Seriously, my heart can't handle all this joy.

Tora Baker / / Via Instagram: @torabakerphoto

14. The couple that tattoos together, stays together.

Mark Pacura / / Via Instagram: @markpacuraphoto

15. Wedding essentials: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and of course, a new tattoo.

Vinoth Raj Pillai / / Via Instagram: @therealvrp


16. Who needs a bouquet when you've already got flowers on your arm?

Texas Unleashed / / Via Instagram: @txunleashed

17. Moral of the story, it's 2018 which means it's time to say I do to brides with tattoos.

@paaayge_shorty / Via
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