23 Reasons Why Getting A Tattoo Is The Dumbest Thing You Can Do

Why would anyone ever do this?

1. They're going to look AWFUL when you get older:

2. I mean, just terrible:


3. Like, super embarrassing:

Instagram: @body_artwork

4. You'll definitely regret it:

Instagram: @body_artwork

5. I mean, aren't you worried how you're going to look on your wedding day?

Instagram: @jemrichards

6. Do you really want to be all tatted up on your big day?

Instagram: @ashley


7. Besides, aren't tattoos, like, super dangerous?

Electra-K-Vasileiadou / Via

8. I mean, aren't you worried about what your parents will think?

9. Aren't you worried that kids will be afraid?

10. Don't tattoos have to REALLY mean something?

Mickey Garcia / Via Twitter: @Electric_Ink_TX


11. Like something very, very important?

12. And don't forget about how permanent they are. I mean, they're there forever!

13. I mean, tattoos are SUPER noticeable:

14. And, honestly, they can be a little MUCH:

Instagram: @__jesschen__


15. And don't get me started on how bad a full sleeve looks:

Spencer Harrington

By Spencer Harrington at Chapter One Tattoo in San Diego, CA.

16. I mean, this is just awful:

Instagram: @dzikson_tattoos

17. Aren't you worried about finding a job?

Instagram: @kendalrdean21

18. I mean, what if your dream job comes along?

Twitter: @CamiloASilva7


19. It's not like something drawn on to you can be meaningful, anyway:

Twitter: @bellsasg

20. Nope, not at all:

21. And it definitely can't be funny:

Twitter: @deafrugby

22. Or clever:

Instagram: @wei_ca

23. Sorry, I just don't see why anyone would get a tattoo.

Twitter: @thomas_resch

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