15 Locker-Decorating Ideas That Will Make All Your Friends Jealous

Store your school supplies in style.

1. Make the cutest bulletin board to hang on the inside of your locker's door.

Choose your favorite fruit as inspiration! You can attach it to your locker by adding magnets or Command strips to the back of the bulletin board. Full instructions here.

2. Keep the fruit theme going with these easy-to-make watermelon magnets.

They're made out of clay and are baked to hold their shape. Full instructions here.

3. Some cheap frames and Command strips are all you need to hang up your favorite photos.

If you're looking for a more polished way to display your photos in your locker, this is the easiest and cheapest way to do it. Full instructions here.


4. Keep all your extra pencils in this French fry-inspired holder.

Add some magnets on the back of it to attach it to your locker. Full instructions here.

5. Use plaster and washi tape to create colorful pushpins to display all the cool Polaroids you took over the summer.

Choose any kind of Washi tape you want to create your pushpins. Full instructions here.

6. Add some texture to the bottom of your locker with this fuzzy locker rug.

Premade locker rugs at the store can be a lot more expensive than this DIY rug made with a faux-fur top and a cotton lining. Basic sewing skills are required for this project. Full instructions here.


7. Get three-dimensional with these cool magnets that look like geodes.

You'll want to make dozens of these for your locker. All you have to do is follow this tutorial and then glue a small magnet to the back.

8. Organize all of your notebooks in your locker with this shiny holder.

Make over any plain magazine holder with shiny wrapping paper. Full instructions here.

9. Turn a drinking cup into a magnetic pencil holder.

This tutorial is for magnetic drinking cups, but you can easily use it as a holder for school supplies in your locker. Full instructions here.


10. Be prepared for anything with this middle school survival kit.

Stock it with the essentials you'll need, like deodorant, ibuprofen, and tampons. Full instructions here.

11. Combine photo frames and magnets into one piece with mason jar lids.

You can display photos and put important papers inside your locker at the same time! Full instructions here.

12. If you have shelves in your locker, use these storage bins to take down and put away your things with ease.

They're made from dollar store bins, and all you need is some spray paint to make them look nicer! Full instructions here.


13. Glue tiny magnets on the back of your most important school supplies and stick them to the door of your locker.

With all of your school supplies at eye level, you'll never forget anything when you're rushing to your next class. Full instructions here.

14. For your smallest school supplies, like rubber bands or paper clips, make these adorable storage boxes.

You can put these anywhere in your locker, and the clear containers will help you find what you're looking for fast. Full instructions here.

15. Use big or small clothespins covered in fabric to create magnets that can hold to-do lists, drawings, or upcoming homework assignments.

This is the perfect use for any leftover fabric you might have in your house, and the fabric easily attaches with Mod Podge. Full instructions here.

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