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People Are Obsessed With This Guy Who Creates Amazing Pictures Out Of Books

Book lover turned Bookstagrammer.

Meet James Trevino, a 24-year-old book lover who recently graduated from Law school in Romania.

He also happens to be the creator behind these amazing book photos.

Trevino has recently caught the attention of many book lovers, and as a result, his Instagram has reached 127,000 followers.

Trevino told BuzzFeed News that the idea “just sort of happened” and that he was posting pictures of books when he stumbled upon the #bookstagram hashtag, and the rest was history.

He said he has a large number of books which he had inherited from his parents, but that the majority of them were bought by himself.

He said that he was inspired by pop culture. He watches a lot of movies, anime and TV series, which he said heavily influences some of his work.

Sometimes, he brainstorms with his friend Liz Sagan, who also creates amazing book art like Trevino.

Trevino said he didn't expect his page to go viral at all.

He said that he had a mini panic attack when he noticed his account gaining a lot of followers.

"I could never imagine there would be so much interest for something I do for fun," he added.

Trevino said that he receives lots of positive messages and that it makes him smile knowing that his pieces makes people happy.

He said that he loves having philosophical debates under each of his pictures and encourages people to take part in the fun.

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