9 Non-Floral Wedding Bouquet Alternatives

Love lives forever—theoretically. But flowers? They croak a week after the ceremony. Set an example with your wedding bouquets and pick something with staying-power.

1. Coffee Filters / Via

Here we have seemingly endless combinations and potential—and everything you need probably already lives in your kitchen cabinets. Start with any of these 10 killer spins on coffee filter blossoms.

2. Feathers / Via

Go for a rustic feel with farm fowl feathers or get exotic with bejeweled peacock feathers. Or combine the two! You do you. It's not my wedding.


3. Flags / Via

Show your stokedom via flags. Let the party vote on a mantra or give 'em free-for-all expression reign.

4. Pom-poms / Via

How better to show cheer than shakin' a few pom-poms?

5. Fans / Via

Perfect for keeping cool during sweaty ceremonies—not to mention covering the inevitable red wine mouth come reception time.


6. Wheat / Via

Bundle some dried wheat stalks together for a pastoral touch. Or forget the farm and call it an ode to beer.

7. Pinwheels / Via

Give the girls something entertaining to hold. Bonus: Distract bored children by passing it off during the Etta James jams.

8. Fresh Herbs / Via

Flowers are such teases. They smell awesome but if you eat them, probably bad stuff happens. HOWEVER, hand your girls some fresh, bright green herbs and boom. They can have their bouquets and eat them, too. Feel free to add large leafy greens for extra plume.


9. Book pages / Via

Wrangle books of varying ages for varying shades of yellow (or use that totally free, mostly useless Phone Book you got last year). Huff that unbeatable book smell throughout the stress mess for a little relief. Check out this tutorial for a jumping off point on creating the flowers.

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