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17 Tweets That Prove "Meet Cutes" Aren't Just For Romantic Comedies

"Her dad fell off a horse into a bunch of cacti and her mom found and rescued him."

As any fan of romantic comedies is aware, the "meet cute" moment is EVERYTHING.

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For those not in the know, a "meet cute" is the moment in the film when our future lovers first encounter each other, usually in a quirky, ~almost unbelievable~ way.

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This lead Twitter user @bookavid to beg the question:

And Twitter DID NOT disappoint! So, I've taken the liberty of rounding up 18 of the absolute cutest responses to give you a dose of wholesome hope this week:


1. This friend who is actually Cupid in disguise.

2. This childhood bond.

3. This classic use of the "for a friend" trick.

4. This sleeping beauty.


5. This matchmaking Grandma.

6. This skip and hop into love.

7. This vintage affair.

8. This example of love at first sight.


9. This fate-filled wedding favor.

10. This unlikely romance.

11. This human version of Mountain Dew.

12. This romantic stop-over.


13. This clumsy kinship.

14. This literal no flex zone.

15. This introduction that may as well be a movie.

16. This fulfilled prophecy.

17. And finally, this bet gone right.

Do you have a great meet cute story? Feel free to share in the comments below! WE LOVE LOVE.

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