17 Reasons Why Bats Are Actually The Cutest Animals Of All Time


1. Sooo, bats are some of the cutest creatures on Earth, and you can't change my mind.

Mandi Griffith / Via

2. I don't know how these fuzzy flying fur babies got such a terrible reputation, but it's truly an injustice.

Instagram: @batsqld


3. Seriously, bats are basically just the puppies of the sky, and I'll fight you over it.

Adam Cox / Via

4. Like, I want to know how you could EVER say no to THIS face.

5. Plus they're just, like, super chill and interesting little things???

Fermate / Getty Images

6. They hang around most of the time upside-down because they're C-H-I-L-L.

Instagram: @gilbert_the_bat


7. They cuddle with each other during nap-time.

8. They even cuddle with humans sometimes!

Lisbear / Via


9. And then they go for little flying adventures because they're BADASS.

Instagram: @ausbatclinic

Look at those tiny legs. JUST LOOK AT THEM.

10. And after all the evidence I just presented, I bet you're scrolling down to the comments right now to tell me how you STILL think bats are "scary" or "evil"...

Adam Cox / Via


11. ...even though they're sweet enough to have an ICONIC children's book written about them.

HMH Books

12. So, sure, go ahead and tell them TO THEIR FACE, THEN. No. You do it. Look in these eyes and tell them they're "evil."

Instagram: @batsqld

"I want to suck your blood?" NAH. More like I want to boop your nose!

13. Go ahead, tell them, I'll wait.

Seregraff / Getty

14. That's what I thought! Leave these tiny babies of the night alone. WE NEED THEM.

Instagram: @ausbatclinic


15. Bats are incredibly important to our already fragile ecosystem, playing a VERY significant role in controlling insect populations.

caughtinthe / Getty

16. Also they look like this when they eat grapes!

Megabattie / Via


17. So yeah, in conclusion, bats are cute as all hell and if you don't think so, you're wrong.

GeneReddit123 / Via

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