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4 Ways Vera Bradley DIDN’T Show Us #ItsGoodToBeAGirl

Yes, we’re in 2017. No, Vera Bradley is not aware of this. *sigh*

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Late last year, Vera Bradley launched their campaign #itsgoodtobeagirl with the intended purpose of reaching millennials and showing them how great it is being a girl. This started as a great idea, showcasing amazing video campaigns.

But it failed *so hard*, and here’s 4 things they did wrong:

1. Literally *copy-pasting* everyone’s responses onto ads.

Wow. @VeraBradley's new #ItsGoodToBeAGirl ad campaign is incredibly insulting to people of ALL genders.…

KatMurti / Via Twitter: @KatMurti

So you're saying women in NYC and over the internet felt this was what's good about being a woman?

Can we just ask… were they standing outside every subway station with a coffee house near by? Where's the proof, Vera?!

2. Not having someone on their team re-read these images and yell PLS. STOP.


You’d think that at least one person on the team would've realized how sexist and gender exclusive this campaign actually was.

Although it was meant to “embrace and celebrate femininity for women all over the world” , what actually ended up happening was they completely missed the mark on gender and how to make younger generations grow fond of their brand.

Good grief, @verabradley. Congratulations, you've officially "reached" millenials:…

Via Twitter: @skycaptainsays

3. Changing the course of their ads without answering all comments on social media.

So, are y’all just going to ignore us like nothing happened?


After all the backlash they received online, they decided to change most of the ads they printed and replace with more empowering messages; one example is this Instagram post, which while a much better display of equality, shows how little they gave a *%&^ about what others thought on social media.

4. Creating and embracing the gap between women and men in marketing.

#itsgoodtobeagirl who can't wait to be in the business world after earning the college degree she's pursuing.…

Preach, Shelby!

Because women have nothing more important to be doing 🙄 #ItsGoodToBeAGirl #SexismOnTheSubway #feminism #NewYork…

Yeah, like who the heck cares about actual issues, like the pay gap?

Forget about the gender pay gap, institutional sexism and sexual harassment. It's ok. We have GIRLY DRINKS…

Obviously, marketers can no longer ignore how the use of stereotypical gender identities affects them.

Guess it’s time for Vera to start handing out free Vera briefcases, because #ItsGoodToBeWhateverTheHellWeWantToBe.



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