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    DC Dogs Got Pawlitical, And You'll Want To Vote For All Of Them

    On June 4, 2017, DC Dogs Marched on Washington to support animal rescue organizations and to bring awareness to issues like breed-specific legislation, animal cruelty laws, and the importance of senior dog adoption.

    On June 4, 2017, hundreds participated with their dogs in an event called the Bipawtisan March.

    The Bipawtisan March was an effort led by a group of local Washington, D.C. area dog owners. The idea behind the event was to hold a March that was focused on encouraging participation from individuals from different political and ideological backgrounds.

    The mission was to demonstrate that no matter what side of the aisle you stand on, the love we have for our pets transcends all political agendas and is a cause that we can all support.

    Bipawtisan March attendees were encouraged to bring signs and wear costumes to show “Why I March”.

    Any animals were welcome to attend... as long as they were on a leash.

    First there was a rally, where speakers talked about the community unity and animal fostering and adoption.

    Robyn Hinson-Jones, a spokesperson from the Humane Rescue Alliance, emphasized the importance of volunteering at local animal shelters.

    Those with four paws couldn't applaud...

    But everyone seemed to enjoy the rally.

    Then they MARCHED!

    The pups even got a police escort.

    Even with four paws, Marching is exhausting.

    Everyone was ready to sleep.

    But clearly these dogs were all smiles... and tongues.

    100% of registration fees were donated directly to the Humane Rescue Alliance, which totaled almost $5000. Additionally, the Bipawtisan March hosted a "Yappy Hour" raffle to benefit Rural Dog Rescue, and received monetary donations from sponsors to host the event. Altogether, the Bipawtisan March raised over $10,000 to support animal rescue organizations and the event!

    Let's Hope Washington Heard The Message Loud and Clear: Protect Ameri-canine Values!