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    14 Dogs That Look Stylish AF In Sunglasses

    These dogs are just too cool.

    1. This duo has serious "specs" appeal.

    2. This flower child is rocking those Ray-Bans.

    3. This pupper is a good boy...but he's also bad AF.

    4. I pledge allegiance to this dog and those fantastic sunglasses.

    5. Throwing shade has never looked so fabulous.

    6. Nothing says "I'm on vacation" like these peepers.

    7. This pup is far too cool for you, and so are those sunglasses.

    8. Meet America's next top model, and her fantastic shades.

    9. This dog needs directions to the pool, because his sunglasses are on FIRE!

    10. This pup's got serious weekend vibes.

    11. Deal with it, this dog is a meme irl.

    12. This goldie is prepared for the sun...and any pool party.

    13. This cute boy is rocking the red shades.

    14. Bae is looking extra shady, and we heart every bit of it.

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