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    24 Juicy Secrets From A Bravissimo Worker

    No, we don't use a measuring tape.

    1. We never ever use measuring tapes.

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    We fit by eye so we can ensure we tailor the bra to you as best we can. So there's really no point arguing with us about the benefits of using one.

    2. And we'll never encourage you to buy something we know won't fit.


    Sometimes we have to be super honest and tell you that the bra you are looking for may not exist. A low back, strapless plunge on anything above a 34F just isn't going to happen. Sorry.

    3. People who refuse to make appointments but demand an immediate fitting are the worst.


    Just because the shop floor doesn't look rammed doesn't mean the fitting area isn't.

    4. And visits from American tourists are the best.


    Americans tend to bulk buy their bras from us because we're a lot cheaper than US stores where good ones can cost you $80 a pop.

    5. We aren't trying to annoy you when we ask for your details to make a customer profile at the till.


    Keeping track of what size you are, in which bra, only helps us help you.

    6. And if we tell you the fitting area is too busy, it really is.

    Amna Saleem / BuzzFeed

    Even then if the waiting area looks empty it's still probably full of fitters helping out customers behind closed doors.

    7. We absolutely love our generous 50% staff discount.

    Amna Saleem / BuzzFeed

    Many of our breaks are spent in the changing room trying on bras we've put aside at the start of the shift.

    8. We automatically size up everyone we meet.

    Shine America

    It's just become second nature; we can spot double boob a mile off.

    9. And because bra shopping can be such a personal experience, we often find ourselves feeling emotionally attached to our customers.

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    Ladies with all kinds of back stories confide in us, and it's hard to not feel emotionally invested.

    10. And we know that Bravissimo is a safe space for people who may feel too nervous to buy bras anywhere but online.

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    Every care is taken to make sure all our customers feel comfortable at all times.

    11. Counting every piece of lingerie in the entire store for stocktake is painful.

    12. But getting to set up the window display can be fun.

    13. We can't help but laugh when people talk about C cup bras as though they're large.

    14. And we have no sympathy for customers who complain about us not stocking below a D.

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    You can shop literally anywhere else.

    15. Saturdays are our busiest day.

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    Eight hours of non-stop boobs and bras takes its toll.

    16. And this button inside the fitting rooms becomes our Saturday afternoon sworn enemy.

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    Especially when kids press it for fun.

    17. Sometimes hiding in the stockroom after 30 fits in a row is the only answer.

    18. We always know when you are trying to return machine washed bras.

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    We will be perfectly pleasant while you lie to us but just know that we know.

    19. Even though the Bra Bank is for bras you are donating because you no longer want them, new ones always end up in there.

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    Someone will always stuff the new bras they tried on inside.

    20. Trying to identify the mystery shopper always brings out the Scooby gang in us.

    Cartoon Network

    There are quite a few criteria to hit but it's pretty great when the report comes and everyone involved did well.

    21. Our staff rooms are always well stocked with food to keep us going.

    Amna Saleem / BuzzFeed

    The best is when customers bring us chocolates to say thank you.

    22. There's nothing worse than knowing you'll have to empty and hang up the boxes of discarded bras at the end of your shift.

    Amna Saleem / BuzzFeed

    And hanging bikini bottoms is the worst.

    23. But there's nothing better than telling a guy where you work and watching them instantly turn into a 12-year-old boy.

    20th Television

    It's genuinely hilarious.

    24. And finally, even when we're not working we find ourselves being the bra "go to" for our friends.

    .@peachesanscream Just asked me to find her a strapless AND backless bra. It's a shame our friendship had to end like this.

    Friends can test you even more than your customers at times.


    The title of this piece has been changed to clarify that it was written by a former Bravissimo worker.

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