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19 Photos That Prove Scottish Asian Weddings Are Majestic

When two cultures share one day, it's pure gid, yaar.

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5. You'll miss out on an epic feast as well.

From the Glaswegian classic Chicken Tikka Masala to popular dishes like haggis samosas: It's near impossible to leave without feeling well fed.

6. ...with some Scottish classics thrown in.

Instagram: @sultana_malik

Because everyone knows Irn-Bru is the best accompaniment to a spicy banquet.


9. You'll miss watching the dholki and bagpipes come together to bring some loud and serious party vibes.

JGrahamPiper / Via

The traditional dholki drums never fail to get everyone in a celebratory mood, and the bagpipes add a dash of Scottish charm.


14. And some seriously stunning wedding photos.

Rahim Productions

Temples and greenery are all well and good, but there's something moodily evocative (and cool) about the SECC.

15. You'll miss visiting incredible wedding venues like this:

Instagram: @shotbyshahed

Old grey castles and colourful saris are a match made in heaven. Just look at this scene, doesn't it just feel right?


18. In short, traditions have never looked so good.