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    19 Chevron DIY Tutorials To Jazz Up Your Life

    Zig-zag forever!

    1. Chevron Wooden Wall Art

    It requires patience and some hard work, but it's totally worth it. Instructions here.

    2. Chevron Leather Necklace

    3. Chevron Duct Tape Clutch

    The perfect way to spice up an old clutch. Instructions here.

    4. Chevron Glitter iPhone Case

    5. Chevron Friendship Watch Band

    Turn an old watch into a trendy one! Instructions here.

    6. Chevron Laptop Deco

    7. Chevron Art-Inspired Tote

    8. Chevron Ombre Tote

    A perfect summer bag. Instructions here.

    9. Chevron Wire Ring

    10. Chevron Leather Ring

    A perfect way to jazz up your outfit. Instructions here.

    11. Chevron Friendship Bracelet

    A perfect gift for a friend. Instructions here.

    12. Chevron Bead Necklace

    13. Chevron Leather Cuff

    14. Chevron Painted Canvas Wall Art

    15. Chevron Masking Tape iPhone Case

    All you need is some masking tape, a permanent marker, and a case! Instructions here.

    16. Chevron Wall Art

    There are many color combinations you can try. Instructions here.

    17. Chevron Glasses

    Spice up your old glasses or mason jars. Instructions here.

    18. Chevron Bobby Pin Earrings

    Simple and easy to make. Instructions here.

    19. Chevron Leather Triangle Earrings

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