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Remembering Lisa Robben Kelly!! A Look Back At Her 6 Most Memorable Roles

From those baby blues to those goldilocks, Lisa Robben has been no doubt one of the prettiest faces of 70's. That combined with the acting skills she had, garnered her to be a very promising new talent. Robbed out of her potential a little too early by drugs and alcohol, she was indeed a gem. We take a look back at some of her most memorable roles and cherish what once was but would never be again.

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1.That 70s show

One of the most noticeable and important roles of her career; Lisa played Laurie Forman on that 70s show. Playing elder sister to Eric Forman, it was no doubt a major turning point in Kelly’s life. Although she left it after the third season; only to appear briefly in the 5th season, the fans of Laurie’s wit and humor never forgot her. Her role was eventually replaced by Christina Moore, and a dejected Lisa later accepted it as a result of her alcohol problem.


2. Charmed

Lisa depicted the future white lighter Daisy in the episode Love Hurts of this famous series. Although it was a one episode appearance, but Lisa’s effective portrayal of falling in love with dark lighter Alec and later being afraid and trying to escape his affections won the viewer’s hearts all over.


3. Jawbreaker

Playing a vibrant cheerleader in this acclaimed high school classic, Lisa caught attention of many producers who saw the potential of a promising star in her. Although it did not come to fruition due to her substance abuse problems, this role did land with some of her more noticeable roles in various television movies.


4. Amityville Dollhouse

This cult horror film featured Lisa Robben in the role of teenager Dana, who falls victim to the magical voodoo powers of the evil doll house at his boyfriend’s place. Although her appearance was small, but the powerful portrayal of facial disfigurement after her head magically bursts into flames and subsequently falling into coma, was widely appreciated.


5. The X-Files

Appearing in the third season episode titled Syzgy, Lisa Kelly was quite convincing in the role of teenager Terri Roberts, who acquire special powers due to a specific planetary alignment and starts some hidden cult activities. As a result of her actions the high school students start to die, which brings the detectives to their town to look into the matter. This episode was especially noticeable as it also featured a young Ryan Reynolds in the role of Jay DeBoom and had a high rating of 10.8.


6. Sux2BeMe

This role was a very accurate and close to reality portrayal of an abusive mother, who in the self-centred attempts to find and keep a boyfriend, loses the sight of what is most important, her daughter; who has to eventually move out and live on streets. Lisa Robben was very believable and the depicted the struggles of being narcissistic with a deep authenticity. Her on-screen relationship with her daughter Kira was closely felt by audience and garnered her some critical acclaim. It was one of her last works.

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