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How Season 4 Of Orange Is The New Black Confirms The Most Basic Truth About Fate.


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Not the ones for subtlety, the OITNB makers took a nosedive straight into the juggernaut that is BLACK LIVES MATTER campaign. Right from the start we could feel the tension and racial discriminatory undertones of the events happening throughout the season, but never did we expect that it would end in the biggest shocker of them all. Yes, they KILLED Poussey. (How dare they, though????). In an epic penultimate episode, which totally rivals the Battle of the Bastards, CO Bayley tackles Poussey to the floor with his knee pressed wrongfully at her back, eventually cutting off her air supply.


We knew, we so knew this was going to happen, though, didn’t we? She was about to get released, she was finally happy with Soso by her side and Taystee as her close friend, and she even got a job offer from Her Royal Chefness Judy King; these indicators alone should have been enough to prepare our little hearts that shit is about to go down. Because that’s how it is, life screws us in the most twisted ways when we least expect it!!


In an unheard salutation to Eric Garner, Poussey even tries to shout that “I can’t breathe”, but boy do they ever listen? And to let this happen at the hands of CO Bayley, a 21-year-old who not only is the rare decent one in the lot but shared the same history of drug possession as that of Poussey. We have no doubt that this is going to damage him beyond repair and it would be an interesting arc to follow in season 5 of the show.


With Poussey gone, Pennsatucky going all Stockholm syndrome with her rapist, and Caputo busy shacking up with Linda, we do know one thing for sure; OITNB is no more a Comedy than Leonardo Dicaprio is ours!! (Sigh!). The show has finally taken a turn where the dark humour of previous seasons has cultivated into a dark tragedy and drama. With the show makers ready to explore the major issues prevalent in society right now, we are expecting the following seasons to be much more brutal and realistic; but that’s how we love our girls don’t we?


Although, with a cliff-hanger like that, we are totally unsure how we are going to wait another full year for the show. With Daya’s gun cocked at CO Humphrey and inmates egging her on from all sides, we do get to see the devastating effects postpartum depression can have on a mother. Along with this and a greater emphasis on Suzanne, Lolly and Counsellor Healy’s mental problems; the show also shed some light on the often ignored and detrimental effects of untreated mental health issues.


There is a silver lining though, with Lolly shipped to Psych, Piper and Alex have started to bond again. Not that we condone romantic bonding over chopped up corpses and swastika brandings; but hey these two are totally worth the butterflies and fluttering in our stomachs!!

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