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    Why You Should Be More Open-Minded

    It could benefit you in the long run.

    What does open-minded mean?

    The dictionary defines it as "willing to consider new ideas; unprejudiced" which is correct. No one questions the dictionary but what does it mean to you? I've been called open-minded before and I consider it a compliment. It's a great trait to have when the world around you so closed off. However, can someone become open-minded?

    In my opinion, yes! I have changed from being closed off about the world to being open. It doesn't mean you become an open book but more open to what the world and people around you are like. It opens your mind to the new possible choices live as to offer. You can simply walk in another person's shoes without judging or being harsh. Being so open-minded gives you the freedom to make friends with whoever you desire or just sit back and relax. People seem more open to talking to someone who doesn't judge them from the start.

    The first step to becoming open-minded is simple. Slowly begin to watch how you judge another person. Are you being harsh? Are you being plain rude? It can be hard to stop cold turkey but it's for the best. Remember, being open-minded about the world and people around you makes it easier to live.

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