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11 Mistakes You've Definitely Made That Make You Question Yourself

Ever just looked at a friend and asked, "How?" We're all that friend.

1. You've definitely dropped your phone in a toilet or some type of water, or you've caused a friend to get theirs wet.

2. You've refused to replace something that needed replacing due to sentimental value, using it until it's totally beyond fixing or repairing.

3. You've worried yourself sick the whole day thinking maybe you left the front door or car door unlocked, only to realise it was all in your head.

4. You've made dinner and thought it was going so well, only to overcook or outright burn it. EVEN TOAST.

5. You've offered to help someone move something heavy and very expensive only to realise you're not as strong as you thought and drop everything.

6. You've forgotten someone's name or a very important date, like when rent was due, someone's birthday, orrrrr an anniversary.

7. You've lost your phone somewhere or updated to a new one without backing up your old one properly and as a result lost everything.

8. You've locked yourself out of your house or car – or locked someone else out by mistake.

9. You've spilled some type of wine or drink on yourself or someone else's furniture, for sure.

10. You've thrown something out thinking it was rubbish only to realise it was your favourite thing or someone else's favourite thing.

11. You've spent way too much money on something risky, like an online purchase, only to realise it wasn't what it looked like and was not worth it at all.

Mistakes will be made. That's life. AMI Renters Insurance can help you when some of those mistakes happen. Find out more about Renters Insurance here.

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