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    5 Reasons A Travel Advisor Should Be Your New BFF

    We know your first move when planning a trip—you're taking to Google and social media, sourcing advice from friends, and gathering inspiration from Instagram influencers. You want recommendations from people you trust, who share your values and who have been there, done that. We are those people—only better.

    We’re travel advisors, and yes, we’re still a thing.

    We've evolved, so stop thinking of us as someone sitting at a desk with a headset on, handing out brochures for all-inclusives. We're exploring the world, inspecting hotels, immersing ourselves in new cultures, tasting food, touring off the beaten path, and sharing honest feedback with our followers all along the way.

    “But I don’t need a travel advisor!”

    Let’s be real—you didn’t need to order dinner from Seamless last night, did you? Sure, you don't need to send your laundry out, but you enjoy spending your Saturdays outside rather than in the laundromat, right? (And who the hell can fold a fitted sheet, anyway?).

    So, if you're looking to elevate your travel game, here are 5 reasons to work with a travel advisor.

    1. You’re really busy—or just lazy AF (we don’t judge)


    Look, we get it. You’re used to booking your own trips. Hell, you like planning your own trips. Choosing the destination is the fun part, but then comes the hours of research—don’t you have better things to do after you get home from work? Travel advisors save you the time of doing the dirty work, and guarantee a professional end result. Let us do what we do best—now go read a book, call your mother, binge on Netflix, have some you time, whatever.

    2. You don’t want the stress.


    Sometimes, you just want something done right the first time, without the drama, information overload, and conflicting reviews that range from “Best Hotel Ever!” to “BEWARE: BED BUGS.” The truth is, no matter how much you research for a trip, there's a good chance you're being fed either outdated or biased information. Online reviews should be taken with a grain of salt—anyone can write them, and some people are paid to. As advisors, we know why the #8 hotel on Tripadvisor is actually so much better than the #1, because we’ve stayed at both.

    3. You want the most bang for your buck.


    We don’t just save you time and headaches—we also help you make the most out of every dollar you spend. We’re part of organizations that help us hook you up (think upgrades, free breakfast, spa credit, amenities, and more) adding serious value at no extra cost. Sometimes (but not always), we even save you money with exclusive offers like a pay-three-nights-and-stay-four special, or a great airfare deal you can't find anywhere else.

    4. You like feeling special.


    Our connections are more than professional contacts—they’re our friends. We know the people who matter—like the general manager at your favorite spa retreat, who surprised you with an upgrade to a suite, or the airline representative who rescheduled your flight before you found out it was canceled. We can get you those tickets, clear the waitlist at that restaurant, and lift up the velvet rope for the ultimate insider experience—nothing is out of reach.

    5. Your vacation time is precious.


    When you get two weeks of vacation a year, you don’t want to waste it searching for a cafe with WiFi so you can find a place for dinner, or spending 30 minutes in a cab because the place your friend recommended is nowhere near your hotel. Let us handle the logistics—we know a hell of a lot more than your weird cousin, who was there once five years ago as a backpacker. Or go ahead, plan it all by yourself—but when your flight gets canceled due to a snowstorm, you might wish you had someone that's got your back, rebooking your flight and arranging a late checkout at your hotel, so you can keep sipping piña coladas poolside like a BOSS.

    Ready to elevate your travel game?

    If you want the cheapest price, don’t mind the risks, and have the time and mental capacity to handle the stress, go ahead—you’ll find some great deals online. But if you want the most badass trip with the least amount of stress, hit up your friendly neighborhood travel advisor—you'll be glad you did!