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Extreme Roommate Nightmares.

Sure, we've all read the horror stories circulating about unruly roommate behavior, but there are still some unexplored terrors lurking in the realms of roommate nightmares.

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2. The glass horder.

There you are, hungover, or potentially still drunk, desperate for a glass of water, but when you open the cupboard (gasp) all the glasses are gone...Again! So instead you stick your head under the faucet spraying your face and the majority of the counter space with water. When those glasses make their way back to the kitchen half of them have fuzzy bits of mold clinging to the insides from months of being held hostage.

6. The rule breaker.

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You notice a funny smell coming from their room, upon further investigation you realize they are raising chickens in there. You tell the landlord, but don't anticipate her evicting both of you.

7. The roommate that thinks the house stays cooler when they crank the AC and open their bedroom windows.

When you try to discuss the lack of rationale in their thought process they begin locking their bedroom door to prevent you from closing their windows.

9. The thief.

Mel Evans / AP

Finally, at long last you think the nightmare is over. Your lease is up and boxes are being packed. When a few of your favorite items go missing before the move, you sink to a new low as you shuffle through your soon to be ex-roommates boxes pulling out dresses, your new top, your favorite jeans...


Authors note: these are all real stories that happened to real people, unfortunately.

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