13 Reasons Why The Hyperloop Is Going To Be The Greatest Transportation System Ever

Elon Musk’s vision for a super fast air-tube transportation system in California is enough to make any traveler’s head explode.

1. Musk founded Tesla, which makes the Model S. It is basically the world’s most badass electric car.

When was the last time you heard “badass” and “electric car” used in the same sentence?

2. It’ll get you from Los Angeles to San Francisco… in 35 MINUTES!

382 miles divided by 35 minutes = OMFG that’s fast.

3. You know that high-speed rail system that California approved in 2012? Yeah, the Hyperloop would cost less to build.

It would cost tens of billions of dollars to build the Cali rail system. The Hyperloop would cost under $6 billion. Money in the bank.

4. Each Hyperloop tube is equipped with a solar panel making it SELF-POWERING.

You hear that, environment? We got you.

5. It’s pretty freaking cool looking…

I see the future… and I’m seeing comfy leather seats.

6. A one-way ticket would only cost $20.

Or you could pay $60 for a round-trip Megabus ticket. Futuristic travel… or sitting next to someone with BO for six hours? You be the judge…

7. Anyone can contribute feedback to the design.

However, if you’re not so mathy, we’d recommend just nodding and agreeing.

8. It’ll have something called “control moment gyros.”

Even though the concept plan doesn’t explain what that is, it certainly sounds like it would go great with some tzatziki sauce.

9. It transports more than just your caboose.

The Hyperloop has the capability to move freight and vehicles as well as people. Yay technology!

10. Don’t expect any weather delays!

Since each tube travels in a controlled environment, snow/ice/rain/sleet/hail can take a hike. Hyperloop: 1, Nature: 0.

11. You don’t have to be from Los Angeles or San Francisco to partake in the Hyperloopiness.

Musk hopes that there’ll be other stations based in nearby metropolitan areas like Fresno, Las Vegas, San Diego and Sacramento.

12. It’s basically a magic carpet minus the magic and the carpet part.

You’re in a tube that’s using compressed air to move you along. A WHOLE NEW WORLDDDDDDDDD, A WHOLE NEW FORM OF TRANSPORTATION!!!

13. Above all, this is the future of travel.

And without early adopters like you, this idea may never come to fruition. GET. IN. THE. LOOP!

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